There are a lot of reasons. Good weather, good football, good food, good company.

But this is going to be a short blog. I’m between activities, sitting at Molly’s computer, already feeling the stress of getting a blog done on November 3rd. So before I move on to Haley’s house, I’ve got to post something, being certain to not miss a day.

When I get to my house, later tonight, you will receive a full blog with pictures.

But that may be 11-4-07. I mean, we all love SNL, so I may not get home until afterwards. But with the time change, I guess I have until 1am? But I think the time doesn’t change until 2 or 3am, so really midnight is still midnight? Or is it 11pm?

My head hurts.

Suffice it, for now, to say that I know the Homecoming Queen at UGA.

And soon, you will too.