I want to understand the word “recap”. To cap again? When did we cap the first time?

While we’re on it, I want to know what it means to “jump the shark”. Because I don’t ever want to do it. I’m scared of the ocean.

Blog 2 Face is an interesting idea. In fact, if it was up to Sean, it would become a national phenomenon. And rightly it should be. Some friends at school mocked the fact that I was dining last night with all fellow bloggers, but I just gave them a swift kick to the knee cap and let it go. Because there is nothing uncool about blogging. I do a LOT of other things that are WAY less cool than blogging.

That does not make me sound cool. It didn’t come out right.

Anyways, we gathered at a local Italian eatery that will probably not be around for B2F4. Maybe B2F3, but maybe not. Weird location for a fancy place. Prices that are ridiculous. Pizza cut in little squares like a mini-Little Caesars, congrats Bill. And the waiter forgot Caroline‘s meal.

By the way, Brad says he can make a lasagna at home for $0.87. I say, prove it.

Here are some things I learned:

a. For every ounce of honesty people type out, they offer twice the honesty face to face. Which is the opposite of what you would expect.

b. Apparently I learned that we act opposite my expectations.

c. Planting churches and leading churches and being in a church is hard if you care.

d. Sometimes you have to care about things because God put a button in you that He won’t stop pushing until you care.

e. Sometimes the serenity prayer makes more sense than I want it to.

f. Long blog does not equal good blog. And people will tell you that. Or at least tell other bloggers that about your posts.

g. I’m a strong believer that awkward pauses can be prevented if you fill every dead second with your own voice. And I did.

h. Veal Parmesan is supposed to be crispy.

i. Even when the internet dies, I will still know these people. And that’s what makes us cooler than your average blog community.

I missed B2F1 due to a little tonsil situation, but I’m really glad I was a part of B2F2. I learned stuff (see a-i), I cringed more than once, I laughed hysterically, I hurt on the inside for others, my thoughts were challenged, some current brain processes were questioned and prodded about, I was intrusive and well as intruded. It was real. It was a little messy.

And I like that. B2F3 at CBed’s. Home cooked bloggin’. That’s what’s up.