Happy birthday, Haley?

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Oh yeah, your birthday was in October.

We aren’t constrained by a silly calendar- we celebrated Haley tonight. At Cook’s Warehouse in Decatur. They offer cooking classes on about a bazillion different topics. B-day girl Haley chose tonight’s topic- “Traditional Southern Christmas”.

And me, being the freak/photo lover/blog enthusiast that I am, well, I busted out my camera [that is wooing me, but I am not sold yet] and memorized our moments. Other class participants may have stared at me funny, but it’s all about the memories, people. Geez.

First course, black eyed pea salad with green pepper vinaigrette. If there is one thing my real life friends know, it is this- I hate peppers. Every color. BUT, this was DELICIOUS. I apologize to you, green pepper. We may not be b-fries, but we are no longer enemies.

Here’s Haley enjoying said salad and Molly …. well, being Molly. I choose them BECAUSE of this behavior, not in spite of it. Just so you know.Oh, Molly made a new friend. She told Molly lots of very interesting things. Right now, they are examining the pamphlet to pick which class would be best next. Black Shirt is a pro, y’all. She’s on class #7 … yet she didn’t know what a robot coupe is? Pssh.
I hope this one kind of gives you a view of the situation. The chef, Peter, actually stands on the other side of the counter and cooks. We can see everything he is doing in the mirror. It’s seriously like an interactive Food Network experience. IT RULES. And tasted so good it was stupid. On the tastes good scale, “stupid” is about 4 steps past “seriously delicious”.Main course: Braised short ribs, mashed sweet potatoes, and snap peas. I’m telling you, the meat was so tender it fell apart at the SIGHT of a fork. It was ridiculous.Molly loves to hide behind short ribs. It’s just something you should know about her.If you think I’m too classy to drink a Diet Coke with a gourmet meal, I’m here to prove you wrong. I did use my fork. That’s classy.I know what you are thinking. You are thinking that has to be the extent of the evening. Great salad, great main course, wine, other fine drinks of choice (don’t judge the DC), lots of teaching, recipes to take home. Very nice night. Now head back to Marietta.

Not at all, my friends. There is still dessert to be had- banana bread pudding. Shut up. It was like someone put cubes of awesomeness in a pan, covered it with awesome, and then baked it.Do you see the lady helping? She didn’t like us. Our beauty intimidated her.

Haley taking some notes. And seriously. Just LOOK at that dessert. What I would give for smell-a-blog right now. You’d pass out. Because the smells were so rad. And you would cry. Because you weren’t there.We are not above requesting a picture after the class. And Peter is the one who offered the utensils. So apparently he’s not above being treated like Justin Timber-cook. And who can blame him?I HIGHLY recommend you take a class at Cook’s Warehouse. We’re already planning another in February for Mo’s birthday.

And at Peter’s restaurant, The Feed Store in College Park, he makes country fried short ribs. I said COUNTRY FRIED SHORT RIBS. Listen, all I have to say is if you get to eat that ever, you’re livin’ right.

So we’re gonna need to partake of a meal there soon and very soon. Who’s in?

P.S- Did I mention that everything is a few shades more awesome with Haley and Molly? Because it is.


  1. Marie-Claire
    posted on Dec 11, 2007 at 4:30 PM  |  reply

    Can we do that for my birthday? I want to go to the “Learn how to explain everything you’re doing in eloquent cooking terms” class. Is there one?

  2. carolineb
    posted on Dec 11, 2007 at 7:40 PM  |  reply

    I, too, am intimidated by your beauty. And Justin Timber-cook. There were so many funny lines in this post that I am literally dizzy.

  3. Shannon
    posted on Dec 11, 2007 at 8:04 PM  |  reply

    We don’t have Cook’s Warehouse in CA. But you can take cooking classes at several of the restaurants inside of Disneyland…I just might have to do that now. Sadly, they don’t have a Justin Timber-cook though. Sigh…

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