Technology, you had me at hello.

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So Thursday after school I was tutoring a student in Algebra. We’ll call him Slater [cause it’s funny and I don’t use real kid names. It’s not internet-cool. I always try to be internet-cool]. His mom and siblings weren’t far away, but Dad was. He works overseas a lot. And Slater had actually just finished telling me that his dad has been to this city, that city, was now in Sweden, and would be going to Paris. And then France.

Bless him.

He argued with me for a few minutes, not ready to embrace the idea that Paris IS France. Until I gave in, not because I was wrong [I wasn’t], but because sometimes I let students win fights with me until they learn, on their own, these important facts:

1. I know everything in the world.
2. I am always right.

So post-argument, we returned to the quadratic formula, simplest radical form, and other things that I rarely admit to enjoying so completely.

The phone rings. It’s Dad. He clears up the ole Paris vs. France thing pretty quickly. I hear him mumble, then I hear Slater say, “Yeah, Dad, I want to see it. But Annie is here, so she’ll come see it, too.”

My thoughts: Yikes, I hope this doesn’t get really awkward really quick and then straight into This is the sweetest kid in the world to include me.

Because he knows I like being right smack in the middle of everybody’s biz-nass.

So Slater motions for me to follow him to the computer room while he gets instruction from Dad.

A few clicks of a mouse and bada-bing: We’re looking at Dad on the computer screen while he is in Stockholm, Sweden (where it is 11pm).

Because that totally fits in with what normal tutors do.

Though it is freezing right now in Stockholm, Dad opens the window and turns to computer outside and pans the view so that we can see the lights of the city. He also shows us his SWEET suite- it seriously looked like Ikea threw up all over that place.

I mean, seriously. 2 people in Georgia in the middle of the afternoon can see a live shot of the lights of Stockholm? Does that still amaze anyone else besides me, a dorky 4th grade teacher who still teaches about the European explorers who found America??

I remember being younger and watching The Jetsons on television. I always hoped life would be like that. Looks like we are getting there.

Personally, I hope the next Jetson-to-real-life item is the closet that dresses you each morning. I think if I had one, I wouldn’t be such a prime candidate for What Not To Wear.

And if I had Rosie the robot housekeeper, I wouldn’t have to spend my Saturday afternoon cleaning my room. Sheesh.


  1. Sarah Markley
    posted on Apr 19, 2008 at 5:23 PM  |  reply

    Whoo Hoo: first comment. It would be better if I had anything funny or witty to say.

    Very cool about Stockholm. And Paris is France, I agree with you. So cool, Annie.

  2. ManUtd17
    posted on Apr 19, 2008 at 6:48 PM  |  reply

    I sometimes get the same feeling when I listen to Virgin Radio in London and hear the traffic report. Even more so when I won a CD answering a trivia question by emailing the station.

  3. Kat
    posted on Apr 19, 2008 at 6:59 PM  |  reply

    I consider myself pretty techie, but there is still SO much that completely blows me away. Like chatting with someone in Sweden.

    One of my best friends spent about 3 months with her family in Mongolia last fall. Her little boy is really good friends with my little girls and there were many mornings (evenings for him) when my girls would chat with him (via Skype) while they ate breakfast and got ready for school.


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