I really wanna.

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I want to blog so bad right now it hurts. So much to say, and as many of y’all understand [blogmie shout out!], it feels real good to blog about something.

And Scotland is something. Whew.

But it’s really late at night here (almost 1am) and I have GOT to go to bed.

I did a blog that was quite nice over at the Scotland Prayer Partner Blog, so you are welcome to go check that out. I know “quite nice” is a Scottish term, but I just can’t help it. I’m sorry to say that the words in my mind already have gotten a Scottish accent. Bizarro.

I hope a lot of you got to watch the service tonight- it will be on again tomorrow at 3pm your time (8pm here) if you’d like to catch it. Should be amazing after what God did tonight.

I’m seriously going to bed. But now that we have jimmy rigged the internet like a good group of Southerners should do, I should be able to for real blog tomorrow.

Pray that my five hours of sleep feel like ten.

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  1. Anonymous
    posted on Jul 15, 2008 at 12:23 AM  |  reply

    Hey Annie-
    Sounds like things are going well. Keep up the good work…we miss you…I went to call you today and remembered you were in Scotland…and that could potentially be expensive…so I didn’t (well you know, with the price of gas and all). Anyway, take care…find you a cute Scottish boy while you are there! According to the night sky, the stars are aligned just right for both revival and romance in Scotland! Is that bad that I just said that…if so, I am not going to sign my real name (I don’t want anyone to GET IN TROUBLE).
    Yours truly-
    Pumpkin Patch

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