This week features one totally awesome picture.  And then some others.

This Saturday at a wedding, we asked our Pastor Tom to take a group picture for us.  Well done.  [The guy on my right, Jules, looks creepy/cool in this picture.  If you can’t find me, I’m in a flowery dress standing very strange.]

Well done.  Then Pastor Tom says “Now let’s take one of those jumping pictures.  Everyone is doing it these days.”

[Uh…. “everyone is doing it these days”?  I have mixed emotions about our pastor peer-pressuring us.  If he told us to jump… oh wait.  He did.]

The only problem is that he doesn’t have a lot of experience taking the “jumping” picture, so this is what we got.

Probably more of a “launching” picture, wouldn’t you say?  Do you just love Molly on the right?  Apparently if you are with child it is uncool unwise to jump repeatedly.  So she just posed.  Hilarity.

After a switcharoo, and WAY less convincing than I expected, Molly took the picture of us really jumping-

Yes, that is Pastor Tom in the middle of this picture, and his cute wife Melissa on his left.

I love so many things about this- my friend Ernie on the far right looks photo shopped in- I have no idea how he jumped like this but I want to learn. James (next to Tom) looks way cool- college kids are such jump picture professionals. Emily (#4 from the left) is doing some sort of skateboard move.  [These are her pictures.  I stole them off of facebook.  Thanks EmCat!]

This picture makes me real happy.  In that special Smile, Wednesday kind of way.