I haven’t slept much. As indicated by the lame joke in the title of this post.

But it is really cold. As in, it would help if I had a cape to wrap myself in.

I brought one sweatshirt. I will wear it every day and you shouldn’t judge me for that.

I’m serving God. So what if I get grimy?

[Confession: I just cried about it in front of the whole team regarding said grime. Whatevs. I repeat: I haven’t slept much.]

We don’t have much internet time, so I may not be able to hop on here much.

The best way for you to keep up with our team:

Mocha Club’s twitter- http://twitter.com/mochaclub. It gets updated every time I post.


Subscribe to Mocha Club’s blog- http://blog.mochaclub.org.


Just keep checking the Mocha Club blog constantly. As my mother has been doing for the last 27 hours.

YES! My turn to take a shower. First one since Thursday at 4am.

[I repeat: Stop judging me.]