And I’m kicking it off right here on ye old blog.

Check. Out. The. New. Header.

Isn’t it the cutest little thing you have ever seen? And the bird? I can’t quit loving that little bird. Shall we name him?

And ohhh… the blue. I love the blue. It feels old and French or something ridiculous like that.

Sigh….. let’s just stare, shall we?

[By the way, I’m not paid to say this stuff. I’m just SUPER happy with the folks who keep this blog-train on it’s tracks. So know that as you continue to read…. cause it gets fun right down here.]

I could not be more thrilled with Vanessa at ButterflySparks Designs.

And GET THIS. The girl is giving you a discount.

You get 15% off any blog designs or invitations you order from her anytime in January!!

All you have to do is email her at vanessa [at] butterflysparks [dot] com and say, “I’m an AnnieBlogs reader!” and you will get 15% off.

Cool, right?

It doesn’t stop there, y’all.

The real conductor of is Lauren from Seriously. She speaks a blog language that I do not know and every time I break this place [I do it more than you would believe], she fixes it. She’s the blog-hostess with the mostest.

So, if you are looking for a host for your blog, Lauren is offering 10% off the hosting fee for any payment term. Just use the discount code: AnnieBlogs

[It feels special to have my own name as a discount code. Just don’t try it at Amazon or Gap or anything. YET.]

I think I’m going to have to go buy a new dress or something to keep up with the fine looks of AnnieBlogs.

Hope you love the discounts! Yay!

(Anyone got a good bird name for us?)