You know I’ve got a thing about painting my nails.

I didn’t used to. I used to bite my nails. For 25 years. Then I went through a fake nail phase for about 1.5 years.

And now I’m in Nashville and all the cool kids [i.e.- Amber] paint their nails a variety of colors. So I jumped on the bandwagon.

A few weeks ago I noticed on another awesome fashion Nash-blog that the colors for spring would be beige, pink, and gray.

I love pink. But gracious, I cannot wear beige. I have a yellow-ish tone to my skin so really it changes my whole look to wear beige and if you are still reading at this point, I applaud you for suffering through boring skin tone talk and if you are a dude, you must be my Dad or have a crush on me to be reading this far.

Run-on sentences. I like ’em.

Pink. Done. Beige. Nope. Gray. DUH.

I decided last week that I wanted gray nails.

I know. I’ve lost my mind. But I’m less than 120 days from being 30 and I’ve got to be zany while I’m still in my 20s.

And when I went to the local nail place, they didn’t have a light gray.

But because I have officially crossed over into a Nashy-snob, I made them mix two colors.

Call me HIGH MAINTENANCE and I will answer. [But my nails will look good when I answer, that’s for sure.]

So I got my light gray.

I thought this was a funny story, mixing the nail color and all. I thought, “I should come up with a name for this color.” So that when I told the story, I could have a good punchline. A deal sealer. Something to make the people smile.

And the first name that came to mind?

Annie’s Going Gray.

Even my mind is making aging jokes. That can’t be good.