I’ve been accidentally holding out on you.

Not because I’m selfish, though, I might be just a smidge selfish. [Human. Sue me.]

But I mainly just forgot.

All I can think about is “Thursday is coming and my blog video is due for the Get Fit Challenge!” and I don’t have time to think “what if my bloggites forget to watch this?” until three weeks later when I realize that you may not have seen these.

[And if you haven’t read it lately, here’s the link to my GET FIT BLOG.]

So. Here you go. With the appropriate only-my-people-will-get-this title.

Get Fit Video #8: “Sometimes I actually make a fool of myself in public and afterwards I’m not sure it was worth it but the sandwich was good.”

Alternate title: “Molly gets a lot of shout-outs.”

Get Fit Video #9: “My friends put up with a lot. They really do. Bless ’em.”

Alternate title: “Sour Patch Kids: A Fine Way to Waste Calories.”

Get Fit Video #10: “That one time that I ran out of time and luckily I had actually done this so I could make it into a video.”

Alternate title: “I don’t know what happened at 1:06, but I don’t hate it.”

We have about 6 more weeks left in the competition. I can’t tell you how much I’ve lost but I can tell you that yes, in fact, I am less Annie than I was in January. And I can also tell you that this week has by far been the most difficult and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit my limit and I’m not real sure I want to talk about this anymore.

Alas. We still have six more weeks of the contest. And years more of life. So. I will continue to talk about it. Because I’m learning to love bringing light into dark places.

See y’all tomorrow.