I have literally never said this before and I’m afraid I will never say it again. But this article, Turning, is probably my favorite thing I’ve had the pleasure of writing. I’m so so proud that I get to post it at (in)courage– it’s like my beach house for writing, so I go there as much as possible.

I don’t say all this “favorite article ever” junk to brag. I say this to say, “you better check it out cause it’s all downhill from there.”

But I will brag about this. My friends Amber and Ash have done their second installment of Amber&Ash- a super cool idea where Amber, a stylist, gives Ash a room to design based off of a stylish outfit (Ash is an interior designer) and then Ash gives Amber a room and she makes a sassy outfit to fit the room. It is possibly one of my favorite things to read.

Amber’s blog = outfit to room

Ash’s blog = room to outfit

Y’all have a great weekend. Mine is packed with great friends in town, a wedding, a baby shower, time at the pool [fingers crossed], brunch at Marche, finishing my talks for Lake Geneva, and pretty much running full force into as much awesome as possible.

TGIF, people. TGIF.