Like Beyonce.

Whew. Forgive my lack of posting as of late. The sickness that took me the edge of myself has finally receded. I don’t know what kind of Yankee Bug that was, but good gracious. You Wisconsinians know how to grow ’em!

I have a great plan for all the things I need to tell you this week [including but not limited to] :

  • Lake Geneva
  • a pizza that burned my chest
  • the Chicago Fire soccer team
  • my column in a magazine (including a giveaway!)
  • rear-ending a family after they dropped off their eldest at college
  • dirty feet
  • some books that I must MUST tell you about
  • and how I almost moved into the house next door.

Life did not stop when my respiratory system was overrun with mucus-a-plenty. Nor did my ability to brainstorm what I would like to blog about [apparently].

Also. I worked on that list during church [forgive me].

I’m a little late telling you this, but oh, y’all. It is a FUN month at (in)courage. Free stuff like EVERY DAY. Crazy, but true. Cause it’s our birthday. One year. One year of pure writing bliss. I adore (in)courage. Click on this beautiful button to see more.

[Literally. I just typed “beautiful bottom.” Don’t click on anyone’s bottom. It’s not polite.]

Today is my official catch-up freelancy day. So I will be writing the articles I owe [cough.(in)courage.cough.], responding to my email inbox and bloggy email inbox which both overfloweth, and conducting meetings throughout my day at Frothy Monkey [obviously].

Two delightful birthdays occurred over the weekend : Ansley and Melanie. Both women have stepped into super important places in my life and I refuse to picture it without them. Send some birthday love if you have the time, bloggites.

Phew. Can you tell I’ve missed you? It’s like I just want to tell you everything in one breath. Your turn. Catch me up. Did you write an awesome post that I need to read? Did something awesome/sad/cool/noteworthy happen recently that I’m totally out of the loop on? Are you pregnant? Engaged? Going on a date? Making a new recipe?

Just tell me how you are. Cause I’m nosy like that.