Because I eat dinner and then go to bed.

I’m pretty sure I’m the wildest girl around- you know, in the bed by 9pm and all, cause I gotta be up and smiling by 4:30am.

Anyways, I’m terribly sorry about the blog silence.

Here are some things:

1. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers last week. My heart and mind are feeling healthier.

2. We had boot camp yesterday in the rain. I kept fluctuating between the desire to cry and the desire to throw up. Neither happened. This time.

3. I have decided that Bethenny Ever After is my favorite show. I adore Bethenny and Jason. If Gina ever goes back to Trinidad, I would be Brynn’s nanny in a New York minute. Literally.

[Sorry if you don’t watch the show and that entire #3 is foreign to you.]

4. These are some of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. Obviously, this is not who Jesus really is, which is what makes it absolutely hilarious.

So I may be the stinkiest blogger this month, but hopefully this video will make up for it.

5. Our book club is reading Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand and I am loving it. It’s set in the UK, which you know blesses my soul. I get to host as well and we will be having some delicious British treats. Saturday, I am excited about you.

6. I have a new plan for blogging on Fridays. It’s gonna be fun.

7. I love getting emails. It means the world. And right now my inbox [and my facebook inbox] is full to the brim. Forgive me if you are waiting on a reply. I’m going to be taking some time this weekend to respond to all of you- my friends, my family, my enemies, my bandmates, and my suitors.

I’m kidding. I’m not in a band.

But I’m not kidding about the email replying thing.

Happy Wednesday.