Top 5 Friday : Christmas tunes.

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Tis the season, y’all. Tis.

So let’s talk about our favorite Christmas songs. There are Many. Sundry. Piles. Zillions. I know. And you are going to put some in the comments that I’m gonna smack myself in the head and say, “Ugh. Yep. I should have put that in my Top 5.” But alas, you win. You always do.

So here are my top 5 favorite Christmas songs as best I can recall at this particular moment.


1. Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Dear Mariah, quit giving me goosebumps. Thanks.


2. White Christmas

I always found the ballerinas to be strange in this scene. But the song is so lovely.


3. Christmas Time Is Here

I hear this song, and I feel like it is the last day of school before Christmas holidays and I’m 10 years old and I can’t wait to eat a candy cane on the bus ride home. Nostalgia, thou art a strange friend.


4. Feliz Navidad

Members of the Downs family have been known, in the past, to furiously dance to this song. I’m just saying.


5. Mary Did You Know

It just makes me tear up every time. “…this child that you delivered will soon deliver you….” Goosebumps all over again.

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What are some of your favorite Christmas songs??


  1. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 5:41 AM  |  reply

    Oooh. Love this! I’m going to have to post mine on my blog and include the videos, too. I’ll link back soon.

  2. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 6:04 AM  |  reply

    Love The Civil Wars version of O Come O Come Emmanuel.

  3. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 8:14 AM  |  reply

    Oh my. I have SO many favorites for so many reasons. I could even do categories, because that’s how they are set up on my iTunes. I’m THAT kind of Christmas nerd.

    1. Charlie Brown Christmas CD- it officially hits the classroom playlist the day we come back from Thanksgiving Break, and sometimes doesn’t end until February.

    2. Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc. All the children’s songs that I keep in my “Classroom Collection” because no matter how annoying my students get as we get close to a two-week break, they are so.freaking.cute singing along to the traditionals.

    3. Modern Classics: Happy Xmas (War is Over), Last Christmas, All I Want For Christmas is You. Mostly any 90’s Christmas music makes me happy.

    4. Contemporary: Every year I find new and exciting and magical Christmas tunes. This year, I’ve found Folk Angel’s CD, The Bird and The Bee, She and Him (very vintage feeling), and a few others. The Civil Wars’ song is beautiful as well.

    All-time favorites: Pomplamoose “O Come All Ye Faithful” “Winter Snow” by Audrey Assaad, U2 “I Believe in Father Christmas”

    P.S. Sorry about the long comment…Apparently I’m very passionate about Christmas music.

  4. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 9:36 AM  |  reply

    1. Tennessee Christmas. The Matt Wertz + Amy Grant version is my favorite thing this season.
    2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel.
    3. Twelve Days of Christmas, John Denver and the Muppets version. There’s a dance involved with this, too.
    4. Feliz Navidad.
    5. Carol of the Bells.
    I also love Matthew’s Begats from Andrew Peterson

  5. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 9:53 AM  |  reply

    Have you ever heard “Mary wrapped a present to the world”? It’s one of my favorites…Look it up! I’m singing it with two other ladies Christmas morning at church…love it!

  6. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 10:31 AM  |  reply

    Anything by Nat King Cole. His voice soothes “Christmas” every.time.

  7. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 10:53 AM  |  reply

    Oh my gosh, way to set an impossible challenge!! I’m going to try though! Off the top, please forgive how cheesy some of these seem. I am super cheesy.

    (in no particular order)
    1. Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You… sorry can’t let it hang there 🙂
    2. NSync – Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays
    3. Carol of the Bells
    4. O Holy Night – my fave is “chains shall he break…”
    5. Francesca Battistelli – Be Born in Me. This sing from The Story isn’t being billed as a Christmas song, but since it’s along the lines of Mary Did You Know? I think it will be! My favorite line is “I’ll hold you in the beginning, you will hold me in the end. Every moment in the middle make my heart your Bethlehem.”

  8. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 1:27 PM  |  reply

    This is a tough one to narrow down. I’m not going to even attempt to identify the preferred artist (unless it’s an original song.)

    Current favorites:
    1. O Holy Night
    2. White Christmas
    3. The Rebel Jesus- Bebo Norman
    4. Winter Song- Ingrid Michaelson/Sara Bareilles
    5. All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue- Over the Rhine

    Honorable mention to Silent Night, Silver Bells, and Relient K’s Merry Christmas, Here’s to Many More.

  9. Kristi Kay
    posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 1:44 PM  |  reply

    You had me until the end…”Mary Did you Know?” Oh, one of my least favorites – it just reminds me of over-cheesed, over-done renditions. And Scripture makes it pretty clear that she DID know, right?

    But speaking of cheesy, how can Mariah’s “All I Want for Christmas is YOu” NOT be in your top 5. I thought I knew you.

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel – love it. I still remember seeing the interns (MB, Jason Couch year) and Tom sing that song on stage at Wesley. I remember hearing Tom’s voice rise up over everyone else’s on the chorus. It was the first time I remember hearing that song and I’ve loved it ever since.

    Merry Christmas, Annie!

  10. Margret
    posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 2:10 PM  |  reply

    Christmas, such a wonderful celebration: the promise of God-come-among-us fulfilled, and what His life, death, and resurrection would mean for us all.

    Just over half a lifetime ago, I walked away from being a Witness and 4 1/2 years later said, “yes” to Jesus’ offer of a relationship. Now, 23 years later, I’ve come to realize what an awful death-grip that religion has on people and how it turns them away from God; and I am constantly amazed that I came out of it and eventually turned *to* Him. It’s such a huge thing for me, comprehending — receiving! — grace and Divine love, so many (but not all) of my favorite songs of the season are from those early years with Him. I wanted to offer 20 or more but have limited myself to these:

    Bette Midler’s “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” (Cool Yule)

    Judd’s “Light of the Stable”

    Kathy Mattea’s “Good News” (title cut)

    Michael W. Smith’s “All is Well” (Christmas)

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s “The Three Kings and I (What Really Happened)” (The Christmas Attic)

    All of Heaven’s best to you, Annie, and Merry Christmas!

  11. posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 6:19 PM  |  reply

    ever heard the song “Dominick the Donkey”? it is one of our favorite silly Christmas songs.

  12. Sarah
    posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 6:38 PM  |  reply

    1.) Mary did you know? Love love love that song!!!
    2.)Breath of heaven by Amy Grant
    3.)Go to sleep my child(or something like that) by Casting Crowns. It’s Josephs point of veiw on Jesus after He was born. I love it because it’s so original and sweet.
    4.) Do you hear what i hear? By Carrie Underwood(I like her version the best)
    5.)O Holy Night by Carrie Underwood.

    P.S. I wouldn’t call myself a Christmas music ‘nut’, but i have been known to hum Christmas tunes in October before… and July… June to probably… 🙂

  13. merideth
    posted on Dec 09, 2011 at 7:27 PM  |  reply

    OK, first of all. I’m a little sad after reading Kristy Kay’s comment. I was at Wesley that year and have no memory of Tom and others singing that song up on stage. I can’t believe I don’t remember!
    I love Christmas music, so picking 5 is hard, but here we go.
    1. Christmas in Killarney by Bing Crosby; Love this song. Sounds like a fun party.
    2. oh holy night; Best version is Josh Groban’s. I didn’t like this song at all when I was a kid because I thought it sounded too old and churchy in a bad way. But, then I heard a friend of mine sing it one Christmas eve at church, and I fell in love with it. Then, I listened closely to the lyrics and loved it even more.
    3. the 12 pains of Christmas; This is a comic play on the 12 days of Christmas. I just think it’s really funny.
    4. Born in Bethlahem by third day; This is one of my more recent faves. Love third day’s Christmas album.
    5. Do you hear what I hear; Love most versions of this song I’ve heard.
    Too many others that I can’t inclued. Love all the ones you mentioned. Plus, frosty, breath of heaven, the first noel, little drummer boy, joy to the world, etc.
    PS: Since it tis the season, you should do top 5 Christmas movies and/or top 5 Christmas baking recipes.

  14. Laura
    posted on Dec 10, 2011 at 9:52 AM  |  reply

    1) Last Christmas ~Taylor Swift (I am actually listening to it right now :))
    2)All I Want for Christmas ~Mariah Carey
    3) White Christmas ~Bing Crosby
    4) Hark the Herald Angels Sing ~Whoever Sings It…. idk 🙂
    5) Rudolph the Red- Nosed Reindeer ~Burl Ives

    I looooove Christmas music sooo much! 🙂

  15. posted on Dec 12, 2011 at 7:58 AM  |  reply

    Personally I don’t care for Christmas music much. Which in my family makes me very odd. But I have a few favs that I don’t mind listening too…
    1. Winter Snow by Audrey Assad is a fav for sure.
    2. Joy to the world (a christmas prayer) by Nicholas Jonas (just to set the record stright I did not know that this was a Jonas Brother when I first heard the song.)
    3.O come, O come Emmanuel
    4.Pretty much anything on the Casting Crowns Christmas Album.
    5.Strage way to save the world by 4him
    and my fav song from Love Actually- All I want for Christmas.

  16. posted on Dec 12, 2011 at 9:49 AM  |  reply

    As much flack as I might get for this, Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorites! I love the thought of us just bringing Christ what we have, even if it’s not “fit to give a King.” So yeah, that’s probably my #1.

    But I just love traditional Christmas, church songs. Those are definitely my favorites!

  17. posted on Dec 15, 2011 at 9:43 AM  |  reply

    I am LOVING Christmas music this year.

    1. Silent Night by Patricia Ahn is magical. Her voice is like honey.
    2. This Christmas by Chris Brown
    3. Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr. Christmas albums
    4. The Christmas Song by Johnny Mathis

    My new favorite winter songs are:
    1. Tracks in the Snow by the Civil Wars
    2. Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson

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