I’m alive!

In crazy weeks like this, if you are worried that something disastrous has happened to my mortal body, you should probably check on twitter. Or Instagram. [I love me some Instagram.] Or facebook. Really, whatever your heart desires. Because I’m able to pop in easier over there.

But hey! I’m popping in here at AnnieBlogs! Yay!

Important news: thanks to Santa making a super early stop in my life :), I got the new iPhone yesterday.

Old iPhone’s name is Anita. New iPhone’s name is Anita New iPhone. [Get it? Me hopes so.]

I’m in a wedding on Saturday …. one of my dearest friends from my years in Athens, GA. So I head over to Athens for the weekend to celebrate her and him and to dance and to wear a pretty dress and see tons of friends and do all the things that college Annie loved to do. [Except eat chicken out of a can. I don’t like that anymore.]

Also… final notice… we have a couple of CHRISTMAS GIFT PACKS left if you wanna scoop one up. We’ll mail a final group of ’em on Monday, so you’ve got until then!

Finally…. pictures of where I’ve been all your week….

Decorating cookies with my important [albeit small] people …

Eating with the Mocha Club staff at Loveless Cafe….

Being hilarious with Cara Davis and Kyle Chowning at Help-Portrait

Going to my VERY FIRST Tennessee Titans football game… [this is Heather. You would love her.]

Throwing surprise birthday parties for a BFF who legitimately was so surprised that she could not speak….

So that’s where I’ve been! But I’m back in action, y’all. We’re leaving 2011 with a bloggy bang! See you Monday [with a giveaway…ooohhhhhh…..]!!

How was your week? 

. . . . .

PS- Today is an important day. Another BFF of mine, Marisa, turns 30. So would you pop over to her blog or send a tweet to her (@marisavh) and send big bday wishes? I’ve told her over and over again… being in your 30s is amazing. But you could probably remind her… I mean, if you are in your 30s +. If you are in your 20s, probably don’t bring that up.

Love you, Maris! Excited to live this decade with you!