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Man, a few months ago when I asked you guys to help me brainstorm topics for (in)courage, I never expected the large and varied response that I got. [And yes, you are welcome to keep adding your thoughts to the post.]

I mean, whoa.

So every month, when it is my turn up to bat at (in)courage, I go back to that post and I read through the comments and try write something directly in response to those.

[PS- Yes. I see all the comments about sex and singleness. Yes. Someone needs to talk about it. Not sure that’s gonna be me or that it’s gonna happen on (in)courage. That sounds like a job for Super Bianca! But seriously, I’m praying about how to tackle that topic. Don’t give up on me… or do and go ask Bianca to tell you.]

So as I perused this month, I was struck by a couple of gals mentioning comments people have made to them about being single.

And don’t we all, as women, often need the reminder that our words have weight and power?

Pop on over to (in)courage today and read Speak Gently … I’d love for you to comment over there, or over here, about how you have dealt with words that accidentally [or purposefully] hurt you.

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  1. posted on Apr 27, 2012 at 11:37 PM  |  reply

    Behind on reading, Annie, but I had to add a comment-

    Just read your post over at (in)courage…

    I’m 24, single, and content in it… today. 😉 Ask me tomorrow and I could throw my guilty-pleasure copy of The Lucky One at you. (It was bought in a weak moment – don’t judge.)

    But, a funny thing happened at the coffee bar last Sunday:

    My church recently merged with another local church. (God is good, eh? Two growing churches, coming together to better bring Him glory.) Anyhow – the church we merged with is rather overrun with married couples. And they are all about folks gettin’ hitched –
    Acts 29 network, anyone? So, we just bombarded them with our posse of about 20 strong, independent, fiercely in love with God and all about the Gospel group of single young women. (We also love margarita nights – but that’s another story.) And I’m not sure all these married folks know what to do with us.

    Longest story intro ever –

    Last week I’m serving behind the coffee bar and A.D., this sweet “older” (over 50) man I recently met comes up to me and says, “So, Rachel, who do you belong to? Just trying to connect people.”

    I just stared at him for a second, making sure he’d really asked what I thought he’d just asked.

    There was nothing for me to do but hold up a ringless left hand. “It’s just me, A.D. Me and God.”

    Praise Him – that’s enough.

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