Oh friends.

I hope you had a really lovely Thanksgiving holiday. Here’s something I learned: my family loves Duck Dynasty. We watched a lot of Duck Dynasty and football and Elf.

Also, as my first dairy-free/gluten-free holiday, I survived just fine. No big deal.

My mother made a turkey that would just bless you and the rest of the family contributed sides that are tried and true and perfect.

So today we celebrate my mom’s birthday and then I head back from Georgia to Nashville where my home is decorated and I am DYING to show you my mantle because I have never felt more decor pride. I bought real garland, y’all. I’m so domestic.

Also, I will be buying boiled peanuts from a run-down gas station before I exit North Georgia because they are delicious. If you’ve never purchased boiled peanuts, here’s a tip: the more backwoods the location / people, the more perfectly salted and cooked the boiled peanuts.

. . . . .

Meanwhile on the internet…



Speak Love is only 99¢! It’s a Black Friday Miracle, y’all.

Here’s who should buy this ebook for only 99¢:

– if Santa is giving your teen girl a Kindle or e-reader, grab Speak Love to throw on there!

– if you’ve been wondering whether Speak Love would work for your small group, check it out for less than a buck!

– if you like to have lots of rando books on your Kindle so that when you are flying on a airplane you can flip from book to book like changing channels on a television, here ya go!

– if you have a friend that you’ve been wanting to gift Speak Love, buy it today!

. . . . .

And we have MAJOR SALE STUFF going on for Cyber Monday over at the AnnieBlogs Store, so prepare your hearts for that.

. . . . .

Speaking of books for young women, I want to make a list of all the books that teen girls should be reading right now. I’ve got a Pinterest board started for Teen Reads, but I’d love to know what you think we should add to it.