Oh friends.

In 2 1/2 weeks, I head to Kenya with the Mocha Club to see New Dawn High School, the school we are helping to renovate thanks to your donations raised in February- over $12,000!

(You can read all about it here.)

On Monday, I got this tweet from Curtis, a Mocha Club staff member, showing a classroom that has begun being updated this week. I was SO excited- I mean, it’s really happening! The school is becoming a better learning environment because of you and it just makes me have ALL THE FEELS.


And then I saw this video from Char and Matt when they visited New Dawn a few weeks ago and y’all. I just plain teared up. I cannot believe we are lucky enough to be part of this story and part of this school. Please take three minutes and watch this video- it is amazing.

Now all I can think about is WHAT WILL WE DO NEXT FOR NEW DAWN!?!

Seriously. I cannot wait to show y’all pictures and video and stories from New Dawn and see the improvements that you paid for. I’m giddy about it.

(For just $9/month, you can be a part of continuing to improve and grow New Dawn. Here’s how.)