31 Books: The Divine Dance (Book #22)

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divinedanceTitle: The Divine Dance

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Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

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What the book is about:

Most young women yearn to be chosen, to be called out from the crowd and loved for who they are. In The Divine Dance, Shannon Kubiak Primicerio acknowledges this desire and likens teen girls to dancers, constantly performing to please the “audiences” in their lives. But in family, peers, teachers, and others, young women forget that they were created to perform for God alone. Promicerio provides readers with guidance and encouragement to stop dancing for the world and to start dancing for an audience of One.

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Why I like it:

Shannon is the real deal. And this book, while 8 years old, is the real deal. There isn’t another book that speaks this clearly to our desire to perform. If you know a young woman, then you probably know a young woman who feels the pressure to perform for those around her. Shannon brings light and truth to this issue and does it in a beautiful way that will make every reader feel like she is hearing from a dear friend. Love love love this author and this book. (She has other books too, check ’em out. I’ve read and LOVE them all.)

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One comment

  1. Rachel
    posted on Oct 24, 2014 at 12:06 PM  |  reply

    I loved this book when I read it many years ago my freshman year of college. I forgot how good it was and haven’t heard of many others who have read it – glad you included it on this list!

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