2 Videos I Cannot Quit.

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Hi friends!

There’s a lot of transition and new things brewing over here at Downs Books, but I promise we’ll be back to regularly blogging (and another episode of the That Sounds Fun podcast!) very soon!

Until then, I have found two of my very favorite videos the internet has ever offered, so I thought I’d put them together here for you.

For starters, Justin Bieber. This thing is pure adorable and surprisingly thoughtful towards the end. Sure, he is rich enough to throw away underwear after one use, but he can also do a Rubik’s Cube in like 2 minutes. So I’m a Belieber again.

. . . . .

The second one you may not enjoy as much, but it is Mumford & Sons on one of the best soccer shows out there- Men In Blazers. So it’s pretty much a mashup of all of my favorite things (except glitter) and it made my Friday very happy (on an otherwise so sad day because my assistant is leaving me today for a real full time job and I’m all WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH about it).

. . . . .

Happy holiday weekend! Hugs to y’all from Nashville.

. . . . .

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  1. Jennifer Wilkerson
    posted on May 24, 2015 at 5:15 PM  |  reply

    I had the opportunity to hear you speak at a Salvation Army Women’s retreat in Bedford, IN, and your words really spoke to my heart. I also bought your book “Let’s All Be Brave” and it is amazing. I seriously cannot put it down!

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