That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 13: Matt Wertz and Gun Shy

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He’s truly one of my dearest friends and one of my favorite musicians. I’m so lucky that one human can be both of those people. The beauty of Nashville.

I absolutely LOVED having Matt Wertz on the podcast this week. His new album Gun Shy is really so good and perfect for summer and I’m certain you will love it.

But that’s not all we talked about. In fact, I think the math goes like this:

Two good friends +

small recording booth +


years of history +

amazing new album +

true concern for the future of free range turkeys =

the best 50 minutes of your day.

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Here are the links to things we discuss on the podcast:

— Matt Wertz

Matt’s new album Gun Shy

Heath Ceramics

Imogene + Willie

NSYNC “I Drive Myself Crazy” video

Matt’s Wertz Wednesday Spotify Playlist

Enneagram Test (Matt and I are both 7s- what about you?)

Capitol City (My FAVORITE Matt Wertz song)

Chris Rice’s artwork

31 Days of Courage

Matt’s album 23 Places

Looking For Lovely Weekend 2016

Ingrid Michaelson’s Snapchat music video

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    […] *Side note, I just typed “actual chickens” because I am listening to the That Sounds Fun podcast by Annie F Downs and in this episode her and Matt Wertz are talking about chickens vs turkeys. You should listen ( […]

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