Y’all. Just get ready. This episode is unlike any we have ever had before. Dr. Matthew Sleeth tells us all about the importance of trees in our world and in our Bible- his new book Reforesting Faith is such an interesting read and SO. IS. THIS. CONVERSATION. The last fifteen minutes? Yep. I was in tears. I think you’re going to love this one and love this guy and love this book.

Dr. Matthew Sleeth

Asbury College and Theological Seminary

Blessed Earth Ministry 

Bob Russell

Genesis 49: 22-25

Revelation 1

St. John Cathedral Oak Tree

Sugar Maple Tree

Myrtle Tree

Sumac Tree

Redbud Tree

Andy Crouch

Revelation 11:18

Deuteronomy 21:23

Genesis 2:9

Revelation 22:14

Revelation 22:16

Charles Spurgeon sermon on trees

Mark 11:8

Genesis 21

Psalm 136

Mere Christianity book

Matthew 7

Handel’s Messiah

Serve God Save the Planet book

24/6 book

Acts 8:26-34

Isaiah 56

Garden City by John Mark Comer

The Mystery of Marriage book