Here’s the thing about my readers here at AnnieBlogs.

They are awesome.

They don’t love everything, but they love great stuff. And they appreciate the community at our little corner of the internet sky for its honesty, vulnerability, truth, and, well, laughs.

If that feels like what you are looking for, we’d love for you to be a part.

We average around 15,000 direct hits every month, with a few thousand subscribers strewn across different reading platforms. Total readership on a weekday basis is somewhere around 2,000 fine folks. The majority of readers are in the United States, though we also have a good about of Brits hanging around [I love that place] as well as many other countries on every continent [except Antarctica, obvi].

AnnieBlogs readers are mostly women, ranging in age from 20-60, the concentration being 30s-40s.

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[PS- it’s nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by.]

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