Smile, Wednesday

Dudes like pictures.

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A few Fridays ago, after I had posted the Top 5 Dude Websites, I ran into my friends Bill* and Bob*. Bill* said, “Hey, saw your blog today- cool links.”

But as we discussed the nuances of having a blog that is mostly read by women but a few dudes sprinkled here and there, Bob* said, “you know, dudes like pictures.”

Lucky for me [and you dudes out there], I’ve got a little something called Smile, Wednesday that appears randomly around these parts.

And today is Wednesday!

Pictures it is!!

[Caveat: I asked my friend Dave to send me some pictures that guys would like. And these are some that he sent mixed with some others mixed with a good dose of I DO NOT UNDERSTAND BOYS BECAUSE THESE PICTURES ARE WEIRD.]


Nope. I don’t know either.
Nacho Libre is funny.
Well. That’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.
Poor chimp.
Fascinatingly weird.

So there you have it.

Proof that while girls are super weird [and we are], boys have got their fair share of weird too.

Also. I must add, this video has me LOLing like crazy, with all due respect to the POTUS, of course. I don’t know if boys will laugh at this, but I bet they will.

Happy Wednesday!


*Bill and Bob are not their real names. I’m not outing these dude readers in hopes they will continue to read and give me feedback in public. But I’m grateful they are reading and sharing their thoughts! Thanks John and Jake!


Smile, Wednesday. Yeah, I know it’s Thursday.

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I feel that it is very avant-garde of me to do this post a day after the series title.

Also. To be more truthful, I left my computer’s power cord at Mocha Club on Tuesday night, so I was unable to write a blog post on for Wednesday because ye old laptop was so dead it was merely a paperweight with a keyboard.

Therefore, post on Thursday.

I thought I’d show you some pictures from the Super Bowl party last Sunday.

Let’s actually back up to a few weeks ago when Wes said, “Wanna throw the Super Bowl Party?” and I was all, “Uh, okay. I mean, I’m pretty new around here, but I like to party, so let’s do this.”

Then I called in reinforcements – namely, Heather. She’s an insanely talented party planner and we put our heads together a few times and planned this puppy out.

We had an appropriate sized budget with which to decorate, give prizes, and feed 150 college students. We passed the food duties to the amazing Allison [don’t get me started on how much I like her and her husband… it’ll run them off] and Heather and I handled the decor and prizes and flow.

But then Heather was out of town and so it was me and a list of awesome things to do.

So last Thursday, I put a Super Bowl shaped emergency signal into the night sky and eight of my small group girls responded. And we sat together for a few hours and completed all the decorations for the party.

[No exaggeration. These girls were party-savers. I do not think Sunday night would have come together without their help.] And with their permission, here are a few shots from the night.

Slicing the football field wraps for the water bottles.

The bags for popcorn.

Painting amazing signs for each team.

[PS- Dear NFL, I refuse to be a part of throwing a Super Bowl Party ever again if the teams have the same colors. That was challenging and boring at the same time. Worst combo of adjectives. Sincerely, Annie]

Voting jars for the best dip contest.

Good thing I don't have any furniture! #silverlining

Like a party factory.

Bunting to string for each team. Same-ish colors. So lame.

Football shaped cake balls. This was the best one.

Now with the prep done, it’s time to party. Thankfully, a couple of my friends also helped with the set up. My people, they are wonderful.

The couches made the students very happy.

The NY table- hot dogs and beans.

Patriots table- clam chowder and chili (and dessert!)

The dip competition

Bags of popcorn.

Fun times.

Oh yeah. And cake balls.

We had an absolute blast. I can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to get to spend part of my life throwing parties for college students from church, work with amazing leaders, volunteer under amazing pastors, and make cake balls.

My blue and red cup runneth over.

Smile, Wednesday: Downton Abbey Premiere

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[UPDATE: It is 2:23pm in Scotland and I am JUST realizing that today is Tuesday. Not Wednesday. Sorry. And weird.]

I’ve been a lame blogger this week. Forgive me.

But here are tons of pictures from our Crossroads Church Girls Dinner / Downton Abbey Premiere on Sunday night. Yep, Downton Abbey Season 2. I know. You’re totes jealous that we get to watch it already. And rightly you should be. Season 2 has started off with a bang.

So we invited any girls over to make dinner and watch the show.

Two of our Chinese friends are looking to learn to cook, so I threw them right in.

Jessye and Esther hanging out in the kitchen.

Here is a funny picture. Sarah, operating the computer, is taking an American cookie recipe [this one for White Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal cookies] and translating the measurements while Jess and Penny do the grunt work. This was quite a challenge, being that I didn’t have scales or the appropriate baking tools. But they make it work. 🙂

Hannah and Mary with their dinner and a large collection of garlic bread.

Here’s most of the girls… I think there are about seven more doing dishes or cookies. We had TWENTY total. Can you believe that?!? TWENTY! [My dishwasher can’t believe it either.]

Sarah and I. Man, I love this girl. I met her in January when she was still in high school. Now she’s moved to University of Edinburgh and it is only because I am full of self-control that I don’t call to hang out with her every day. You’re welcome, Sarah.

I think pictures of dirty dishes are funny. You gotta laugh, or they make you cry.

People applauding the arrival of the cookies. They are worth a standing ovation. I highly suggest this cookie recipe and I bet with proper measuring equipment and all the ingredients [we don’t have peanut butter chips here], they would be insane.

Watching Downton Abbey. We were in heaven. Lots of gasps and shock and when it ended, everyone was like, “yeah, I’m hooked.” And I was like, “well, that’s great. Cause I’m pretty hooked on having my house full of girls on Sunday nights.”

This is my favorite moment from the night. Three girls who, prior to this dinner, had never met. They are all snuggled and leaning and connected and it made me want to pass out from too much happy.

And to think, one month ago we didn’t know most of these girls. They hadn’t even moved to this city yet! And yet, God has connected us and drawn us together over food and conversation and a period piece from 1916.

Truly. This night amazed me. I couldn’t believe how many girls came and how God has just heaped students into our basket. I’m really grateful. It is one of the highest joys in my life to have a house full of young women connecting to each other and connecting to God, so to see that happening here in Edinburgh makes my chest fill until it might burst.

. . . . .

Have you seen Downton Abbey?

Do you have any recipes that are cheap and easy for 20+ girls? Cause I need ’em. Real bad. We’ve got 7 more episodes to go, so that’s 7 more dinners! 

Smile Wednesday: Tuesday edition.

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Because we have some other things to discuss tomorrow. That’s why.

And also. I like to keep you on your toes, people. You need to be ready for anything, any day, you just don’t know what I’m gonna throw your way.

If you’ll recall, we did have a Top 5 Friday on a Saturday a few weeks ago… because I am a zany son of a gun.

So. Today. Pictures. Go.

The upside of daily rain? Gorgeous gorgeous gardens. I get to walk by this house every day and it brings such joy to my soul.


I hear ya, sister. Groceries can get pretty heavy. Lucky for you, you are close enough to the ground that you can drag your bag along. Live it up. That won’t last forever.


How do you feel about my leopard print fingernails?


Don’t even get me started on what the sky does here when the sun sets. It is to die for.


My neighborhood can get pretty creepy. I like it.


The clouds and the moon and a car and the colors. I wish I was able to capture the FEEL of the night too. It was so crisp and cool and yet totally inviting.


For a non-professional photog, I am pretty proud of this. I mean, I’m just sayin’. That’s a good moon right there.


And finally, for your viewing pleasure [and even though I look ridiculous most of this time], the effects of a windy Monday in Edinburgh.

. . . . .

See? That was worth a Smile, Wednesday on a Tuesday…. right? 🙂

Smile Wednesday: Around town

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The last few weeks have been such a blast. Especially with having the Edinburgh International Book Festival going on! My friends Esther and Harry and I stopped by the festival one day and Harry, not quite being the reader type, looked around and then smiled and me and said, “I’m glad they have something like this for you and your people.”

You and your people!?!?

Yes. Yes they are.

The events I got to attend were really inspiring and every time I heard an author speak, I thought, “I wanna be up there. I want to write that kind of book.” Very Julie & Julia kind of moments… without the snot and tears. So I’ll keep plugging away at this second manuscript and hope that it becomes that kind of book.

And now onto the reason you came here today- the pictures [of book fests and other things]!! 🙂

Deep sigh of satisfaction

I love the book fest.

Sapphire, Author of Push and The Kid

This is a beautiful town.

Almost looks like the picture! Delicious salad.

Smile, Wednesday: Getting our skype on.

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One of the joys of being overseas in 2011 is the ease in connecting with home. Were it 1911, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to leave home and only get a letter once a month. I like that I can talk to friends and family every day.

For example, when I fell on Monday and caused a huge gash in my shin and it was bleeding and swollen and I was crying, boom. I just called Mom on skype. Then we called Shana, our favorite nurse friend, and she looked at said injury, cringed a bit, and said, “Put some ice on that puppy. Wowsers.”

[Or something like that.]

I’m going to spare you a skype shot of the injury. But it’s a beaut. I probably should have gotten stitches- I think I’m going to have a permanent scar in the shape of the grand canyon on my shin. But it was cheaper than a tattoo or another Edinburgh keepsake. [Cheaper monetarily, still rather expensive emotionally.]

So in a few of my recent skype convos, I’ve taken screenshots. Today I present them to you.


This first one is titled Magnified Betsy


I like to call this one Baby Is Cuter Than Daddy


This is Le CoWorkerz


I call this Sadness When New Book Arrive in Nashville

[by the way, if you dig Edwardian lit, you have GOT to get this book. Sandra Byrd has done it again. Amazing.]

You can barely see my sad face in this photo, but that is part of the nuance of the piece of art, ya see. The sadness is tiny in comparison to the good that is Sandra Byrd’s literature.

Finally, I present to you, with her full knowledge that this is happening, a trilogy.


This is aptly titled The Sister Series

Coffee ice cream has a strange effect on my younger sibling. Apparently.

I’d love to see some pictures from you- feel free to link in the comments to a picture-y post or a facebook album or something!

Y’all have a happy [smiley] Wednesday.

Smile Wednesday // Typical Scotland

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Here’s just a little snippet of my Scotland life the last month.

[MONTH? Seriously? Yes. Seriously. I know. It’s crazy.]

Cathedral in Glasgow

Chinese lanterns... like in Tangled!

We love Pizza Hut... free refills and ICE!

I still don't know these coins.

Absorbent jeans.

I love this town.

Smile, Wednesday.

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I’m a terrible blogger this week. Forgive me.

On with the pictures…. it’s the least I can do for you, friends.

We call this Cinco de Stache-o

Tell me how much you love Graham’s handlebar mustache on the top row center? I. KNOW.

Andrew Ripp at Musician's Corner

Simple and delicious.

My current book of choice. 1/3 of the way through... I like.

We still play Mash.

Here’s what I need to tell you about my future, according to MASH.

I will live in a house.

I will be rich and hot.

My husband will be a DJ and we will live in Greece.

Sounds like all my dreams are coming true.

Smile, Wednesday.

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I love my galoshes.

Rock in Sweet CeCe’s. Rockin’ Sweet CeCe’s.

Seth & Betsy's first show!

Easter joy.

Passing out water at the Music City Marathon

I have an addiction.

Smile and Link, Wednesday.

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Kinda like “smile and wink” – get it?

Of course you do.

The main picture I have for today is something that my co-worker Jeff did without my permission. We like to call her Bald Annie.

If that doesn’t make your Wednesday better, I don’t know what will.

And I’ll tell you this. If I ever go bald right in the middle front of my head, I am totally growing my hair long like this. So prep yourself.

Here are some links that I think are awesome:

My dear pal Steve Moakler is a dreamer [and an incredible musician, by the way]. He’s brave and smart and he’s starting something new called Free The Birds. You can watch him explain it here and read more about it here.

I wanna be like Steve.


My sweet friend Stephanie Bryant did an interview with me about self-publishing. Check it out.

Speaking of, did you know I wrote a book and you can buy it on Amazon?

And if you have read it, will you review it on Amazon? That would be super cool of you.

A few weeks ago, I shared with you a seriously hard season I was pressing into and begging to get out of. I also wrote an article about it on (in)courage called Just Breathe. Thanks for giving me the courage to share more deeply about that time.

And finally, why would I ever make a face like that at Shelby? Sheesh. I was out of control at Easter lunch apparently.

. . . . . . . . . .

Well, I smiled and linked at you. Link back at me! [Still rocking that link/wink joke. Nice, huh?]

What’s cool out there on the internet that I should be reading or seeing or watching or hearing? [Also feel free to link to your own blog here if there is a post you think we would love.]

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