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2016 Christmas Party Episode 3: Ann Voskamp

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She is the calm voice in a crazy holiday season. Ann Voskamp is just purely one of the best women I know. Her writing is soothing and her voice is as well. Y’all know my volume level and crazy level- so I’m always worried that I’m gonna stress Ann out to the max. But our friendship is good for both of us, as you’ll hear in the podcast. Hope you enjoy this continued Christmas party episode!

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Living with Landyn

She Reads Truth

– Ann Voskamp

One Thousand Gifts

– The Broken Way

The Greatest Gift

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

– PBS show

Ben Tankard

Matt Mayberry

Jon Acuff

The Jesse Tree

Wooden Wreath

– Hallmark Christmas Movies

– Saltines

– Bill Johnson

– Bethel Church

– Dave Barnes

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2016 Christmas Party Episode 2: She Reads Truth + Advent

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There are two major season celebrated in the Christian calendar – Advent and Lent. (There are more days and weeks and etc., but these are the two big boys of the calendar every year.) She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth do a beautiful job every year of inviting us to celebrate and reflect on the meaning of both Advent and Lent.

I haven’t been a lifelong Advent celebrator, so I thought I’d invite Amanda and Raechel to sit down with us and talk us through Advent- what it means, what it is about, how we celebrate, why we celebrate. So I hope you’ll enjoy this part of the Christmas Party!

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– She Reads Truth

Scott Sauls

Eddie Kaufholz

He Reads Truth

Patty Griffin

The City Winery



Harry Connick Jr.

Hope Floats

Will Smith

Justin Timberlake

Rebekah Lyons



Uncle Julio’s


Sweet 16th Bakery


Ann Voskamp

Dave Barnes

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2016 Christmas Party Episode 1: Living With Landyn + Decorating For Christmas!

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Landyn Hutchinson on That Sounds Fun Podcast

I decided to throw a Christmas party. And I want you to coooooome!

(And yes. I know today is the day before Thanksgiving. But sue me I am ready to talk Christmas.)

Here’s the thing. I LOVE DECEMBER. A bunch of us do. And the dream of my holiday would be to throw a Christmas party that all of y’all can attend. Sadly, my home would not even come close to holding us all (but I’d sure try).

So instead? I’m throwing a podcast party. Every Thursday in December, we’ve got a podcast episode coming your way, all Christmas themed, some fun surprises, and jingly background music from our pal Dave Barnes.

Obviously, in order to throw a party, you gotta decorate. So my friend Landyn Hutchinson, better known as Living With Landyn, popped into the studio and helped me sort out some of my decoration issues. Mainly, I tend the decorate every corner of my living room but ignore the rest of the place. BUT NO LONGER THANKS TO LANDYN!

So whether you are traveling today or just spending a few minutes alone on the treadmill before family life really kicks up, I hope you’ll let Landyn and I hang out with you and talk Christmas!!

(If you aren’t already subscribed to the podcast, today would be the day to do that so you don’t miss anymore of the Christmas party!)

. . . . .

– Landyn Hutchinson

– Dave Barnes

A Very Merry Christmas by Dave Barnes

A December to Remember by Dave Barnes

Nicolle Galyon

Deanna Kay

Tennessee Titans

Steve Hutchinson

Landyn’s White Chicken Chili (I said “turkey chili” in the podcast… how embarrassing. It’s chicken.)

Painted Fox


Landyn’s Thanksgiving Post

– Cluse Watch

Living With Landyn Gift Guides

Smell Alarm Clock

Kid Mailbox

Speak Love Gift Guide

Perfectly Unique Gift Guide

Let’s All Be Brave Gift Guide

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That Sounds Fun Episode 22: Scott Sauls

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Scott Sauls on That Sounds Fun PodcastScott Sauls is one of my favorite pastors in Nashville. He is a valued and trusted voice in my life and in the lives of many of my friends here in town and across the nation. Our conversation today is very personal to me- not only do we discuss friendship and Scott’s new book Befriend, but we talk about the life of the church and how we should love and serve the local church. Can’t wait to hear you thoughts on this episode!

Here are the things we talked about on the podcast with Scott!! 🙂

– Scott Sauls

– Christ Presbyterian Church

– Jesus Outside the Lines

– Befriend: Creating Belonging in an Age of Judgement, Isolation, and Fear

– Vanderbilt

– Ben & Jerry’s


– TacoBell

– Redeemer Presbyterian

– Tim Keller

– Columbia University

– Darren Whitehead

– Matt Smallbone

– Ann Voskamp

– Vine

– Twitter

– Instagram

– Amazon

– Mariah Carey

– Jim Carrey

– Tom Brady

– Bianca Juarez Olthoff

– Madeline L’Engle

– St. Augustine

– Enneagram

– Ian Cron

– Richard Rohr

– Tar Heels

– St. Louis Cardinals

– Grant Jackson

– Roland Garros

– Johnnyswim

– Ryman

– Indigo Girls

– Hillary Scott

– Hunter Hayes

– Willie Nelson

– Andrew Peterson Behold the Lamb

– Sam’s Place Steven Curtis Chapman

– Chris Tomlin

– Garth Brooks

– Tricia Yearwood

– “Walkaway Joe”

– Big Fat Greek Wedding

– Gilmore Girls

– Eddie Kaufholz

– Ellie Holcomb

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That Sounds Fun Episode 21: Eddie Kaufholz

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Y’all. I freakin’ love this guy. Eddie Kaufholz sealed a spot as a bridesmaid in my wedding after this hilarious podcast. No episode has had more laughs or listens or people begging for a repeat performance. This guy is a real treat and I think y’all are going to love him. His new podcast, The New Activist, has quickly become one of my favorites. I think you’ll love it, too!

Here are the links to the things Eddie and I discussed in the podcast!

– Eddie Kaufholz

– The New Activist

– Relevant Podcast

– International Justice Mission

– Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing

– Happy hour with Jamie Ivey

– Men in Blazers

– Brandon Harvey

– NPR show Neighbors

– Cameron Strang

– Belong Tour

– Zumba

– Promise Keepers

Birkenstock sandals


Jesse Carey



Miranda Lambert

Larry King’s Twitter (KingsThings)

Dave Barnes (not the musician)

Dave Barnes (the musician)

Fancy (Reba)

Dixie Chicks (Cowboy Take me Away)


Barna Group

Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch New Activist Podcast

Strong and Weak

Jeremy Courtney

Gary Haugen

Hannah Song

Liberty in North Korea

DC Talk Reunion

Dove Awards

Supernatural DC Talk

DC Talk Reunion Cruise

Ryman Auditorium



Burger King


Sierra Mist

Hot Pocket

Omaha Steaks

– irk! (marble game)

Sarah Groves on New Activist

Ellie Holcomb

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That Sounds Fun Episode 20: Mo Isom + Wreck My Life

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Mo Isom is such a treasure. We grew up in the same town and some mutual friends connected us a few years ago. We sat over coffee for hours at our hometown coffee shop and talked and Talked and TALKED. It was one of those absolutely instant friendships. And I adore her still. Her book Wreck Your Life is one of my favorites of 2016. Her story is incredible and her voice is fun and this podcast is one of my faves.

You can either subscribe and download/listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

Here are the links we discussed in the podcast! 🙂

– Mo Isom

– Brad Lomenick

– New York Times

– Louisiana State University

– Wreck My Life

– Ellen

– Ellen with Mo

– University of North Carolina (UNC)

– University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

– Duke University

– Samford University

– University of Georgia

– Baton Rouge Flooding

– Cajun Navy

– Nashville Flood 2010

– Gas Shortage

– Oceans by Hillsong United

– Oceans Blog Post

– Water Balloon Filler

– Ellie Holcomb

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 19: Brad Lomenick

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Brad Lomenick on That Sounds Fun

Brad Lomenick and I have been friends a while, but this conversation probably still ranks as my favorite one we’ve ever had. If you don’t know Brad, I promise you’ll finish listening to this podcast and feel like you do! Brad’s an expert on leadership, Atlanta, and hunting (apparently)! Hope you enjoy this conversation!!

. . . . .

Here are the things we discussed on the podcast:

– Brad Lomenick


The Catalyst Leader

H3 Leadership

Parnassus Books

Gabe Lyons


Jon Acuff

John Maxwell

Rover (yes, there’s an official website for such a thing.) 🙂

Georgia Bulldogs

English Premiere League



The Mocha Club


Kay Arthur

Billy Graham

Beth Moore

Will Smith

Bob Foster’s “Lost Valley Ranch”

Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster


University of Oklahoma

Duck Hunt

Ellie Holcomb

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 18: Bianca Juarez Olthoff

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Bianca Olthoff on That Sounds Fun

Well I just pure love Bianca Olthoff. She’s just one of the best. A dear friend. A powerhouse preacher. The friend who reminds me to wear heels on stage and take headshots more often. 🙂 She’s amazing.

Many of us have been BEGGING Bianca to write a book for years. Literally. But man was it worth the wait. Bianca’s new book, Play With Fire, is absolutely a gold mine. You will be so glad you bought it, read it, underlined the MESS out of it, and keep it near to you as a resource.

Most of our podcasts we actually record live in person because I LOVE sitting across the table from the friend when we are talking. But Bianca lives in California and RUDE she wouldn’t fly here to Nash. 🙂 But the truth is, we talk on the phone more than we see each other in person, so you’re probably getting the truest version of our friendship here. So congrats to us all. (HA!)

Hope you enjoy this one!

. . . . .

– Bianca Juarez Olthoff

Israel Collective

Girls of Grace

Emily Freeman



She Reads Truth



Calling of Matthew


Propel Women

The Rising of the Pheonix

Dallas Willard

When Harry Met Sally

Nora Ephron





Jessica Turner

The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner

Shauna Niequist

Savor by Shauna Niequist

Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist

A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

Simply Tuesday by Emily P. Freeman

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman

Graceful by Emily P. Freeman

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Ellie Holcomb

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 17: Jeremy Cowart + The Purpose Hotel

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Before I was a writer here in Nashville, I was a nanny. Like, a full-time Mary Poppins kind of nanny. Like five days a week, let’s go on adventures, should I just move in here? kind of nanny.


Jeremy Cowart and his family quickly became like family to me and I have loved knowing them and seeing as God has grown their family and influence and dreams in the last few years.

Most recently, Jeremy has launched an incredibly awesome (and crazy!) idea called The Purpose Hotel. And- one of the parts I love- we get to be involved. Like, you can be a co-founder of a hotel chain.


So I brought Jeremy on the podcast this week because I wanted you to meet him and hear about the hotel. Hope you’ll enjoy it and be a part!

Here are the things we discussed on the podcast:

— Jeremy Cowart

Help Portrait

— Shannon Cowart

Kyle Chowning


The Purpose Hotel


See University

Garth Brooks

Trisha Yearwood


Compassion International

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Here is The Purpose Hotel video that I love so much:

Hope you’ll support the kickstarter and tell your friends about it!

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 16: Harris III

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Harris III on That Sounds Fun

About three years ago, I spoke at a teen conference in Gatlinburg, TN. I was excited about it because I absolutely love that part of the world- East Tennessee- and I love any chance I get to go over there to do ministry. My buddy Chris Wheeler was at the same event at at our first session, we met Harris III and his wife Kate. I pretty much immediately begged them to be my friends.

You know that thing where people are just a natural fit in your life? That was Kate and Harris for me.

I’ve loved seeing his career grow and shift and he’s just pretty much awesome at everything. I got to be on his podcast recently as well, so we’re just going all sorts of tradesies around here!

Hope you enjoy this conversation with Harris (AND KATE!) and be sure to check out Story Gatherings.

Here are the things we chatted about on the podcast:

– Harris III

– Kate Harris

Cafe Racer Motorcycle


Upward Basketball

C.S. Lewis

Story Conference

Ben Arment

Story Gatherings


Ed Nash

Dan Good

Nasa JPL


Ellie Holcomb

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