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That Sounds Fun Episode 111: Michael Wear + Mid Term Elections

on October 25, 2018 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with no comments by

With mid-term elections just around the corner, I called our favorite political voice, Michael Wear, to come on the show and tell us what we do not know. He gives us some important questions to ask, some wisdom about this particular election cycle, and some great direction in prayer.

His book Reclaiming Hope is a favorite of mine. I hope you’ll grab it.

Here are the five questions you should ask every time you are voting! Thankful for Michael and The Ask Campaign for this resource.

. . . . .

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Thanks to our friends at Prep Dish for sponsoring this episode.

Michael Wear

Seth Creekmore Precipice

Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Episode 23

Reclaiming Life

The And Campaign

Lidia Bastianich

PBS Cooking Show

Joe Bastianich Master Chef

Lydia Cooks From the Heart of Italy

Blue Apron

Barack Obama


Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi

Nicole Chung – All You Could Ever Know

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That Sounds Fun Episode 105: Remember God

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My new book Remember God just released this week! So while my assistant Eliza was in town, who lived the story and lived the writing of the book with me, we sat down with the microphones and talked about the behind-the-scenes moments and creation of Remember God.

And Pastor Kevin, newly named OFFICIAL PASTOR OF THE POD (he didn’t agree to this and he doesn’t get paid for it, so… ), stops by to read the foreword he wrote and pray for each reader of the book.

Thank you to our friends at Prep Dish and Fuller Seminary for sponsoring this podcast.

Remember God

Seth Creekmore Precipice

Eliza Olsen

Kevin Queen

CrossPoint Church

Anna’s House

Jenn Jett

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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 69: Dansby Swanson

on March 30, 2018 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with 1 comment by

Let’s play ball! Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball so it was about time to get my friend/brother/favorite Atlanta Brave Dansby Swanson.

I met Dansby at church in Nashville when he was at Vanderbilt and just couldn’t be more proud of the man he is and the player he is. (You’re gonna be so impressed with his wisdom and heart. For real.) And he loves the Atlanta Falcons which is just exactly how to stay in my life forever. I’m betting you will join the unofficial Dansby Fan Club after you hear this conversation.

Check out his stats!: Dansby Swanson

You can listen below or subscribe and listen on iTunes or on Spotify

Dansby Swanson

Dave Barnes

MLB Opening Day 2018: Full Schedule

Get your Atlanta Braves Tickets here!

Atlanta Falcons

Watch Cross Point Church Online + check out the “Do Not Disturb” sermon series

Built By Stevie

Gwinnett Stripers (formerly known as the Gwinnett Braves)

A Wrinkle in Time

Looking For Lovely

He Reads Truth

Tyler Beede

40 Days of Decrease

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Julio Jones

March Madness


Marietta Square

STK Atlanta

The Local


That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 15: Tim Shaw

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 7: Connor Harrell

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 64: Winston and Rachel Cruze

Order 100 Days to Brave

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Get 100 Days To Brave Signed For Christmas!

on December 5, 2017 in 100 Days To Brave with 6 comments by

This is one of my favorite things to do each Christmas! We have gotten a pile of emails and messages in the last few days from friends giving 100 Days To Brave as a Christmas gift and wondering if I can sign the copy for their friend!

The short answer is: YES!

One small problem we are having is looooots of places are sold out. It’s a good problem, a temporary problem, but still labeled in the “problem” category. LUCKILY FOR US, our friends at Barnes & Noble have plenty plenty plenty. So we have partnered with them this holiday season to get books signed for you to give as gifts!!

Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Buy a copy of 100 Days To Brave from Barnes & Noble online or in a store in your town.
  2. Fill out this form. (The LAST DAY we will mail bookplates is December 20th. So you have to buy the book and fill out the form before December 20th.)
  3. Watch in the mail for the bookplate to arrive within the week!

So easy cheesy, right? I KNOW!

. . . . .

Let’s do some Q&A:

How quick will I get my bookplate? 

We will mail them out the day after you fill out the form! So however fast mail gets from Nashville, Tennessee to Your Town, USA.

How does a bookplate work?

It’s a sticker. You fill out the form with the person’s name, I sign it to them, I mail it to you, you stick it in the book, you wrap it, they open it, they love you, everyone cries (including me, from a distance).

What if I buy a copy for myself from Barnes & Noble? Can I get a signed bookplate?

Sure. I’m down with that. Just fill out the form!

What if I fill out the form after December 21st?

Don’t. Okay? Just don’t. It will make me sad I can’t mail things to you in time, so please just don’t. Don’t make me have a sad Christmas. Fill the form out, at the lastest, on December 2oth.

What if I already purchased books for Christmas from another place?

Part 1, thank you. Truly. Part 2, since Barnes & Noble have gone out of their way to have enough books available and partnered with us to make sure everyone who would want a book can get one for Christmas, we are only signing bookplates for books purchased from them this year.

. . . . .

Any other questions, just leave them in the comments and I’ll answer ASAP!

Remember God.

on July 18, 2017 in Dreams Coming True, Nash-livin' with 7 comments by

I have a couple of memories of this career, this season of my life, this calling, this thing I do, that I know will never leave me.

And teaching at Cross Point Church on Sunday will absolutely be one of them.

This has been my home church since 2011- so to be able to share part of my story and what God has done for me, from that stage, in such a special season for our church, was truly more than I could have asked or imagined.

And someday soon (on a podcast of course) our new pastor Kevin Queen and I will tell you the whole story of how he got here and what this means for Nashville, our church, and my life personally. (Repeat: more than I could have asked or imagined.)

And yes. I wore my glitter heels. DUH I DID. I won’t lie, it was borderline brutal, but always worth it.

If you were unable to see me preach when they streamed it live on Sunday, here is the message! Feel free to share it with people in your life that need just a gentle reminder that God is who HE says He is.

. . . . .

Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, His Spirit deeply and gently within us.

. . . . .

. . . . .

(I’d also like to say that there were a couple of my people who really spoke into this message and made it right. It takes a village, and in my village are some incredibly smart people who love communicating well about God. I’m the luckiest. So thanks to those who walked with me to that stage, whether you were in the room or not.)

. . . . .

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 42: Sadie Robertson

on June 15, 2017 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with 3 comments by

This gal. She is just the dearest. She is everything you expect a 20 year old to be, but also SO MUCH MORE. I’ve been getting to know her for the last year over text, but this podcast was our first time sitting down in the same room. And what a treat. I hope you’ll enjoy it and be just as impressed as I am with Sadie! (And you’re just going to love her. What a joy explosion she is.

To hear our conversation, you can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

Here are the links to the stuff we talked about on the podcast!

(Thanks for doing all this, Haile! You’re amazing.)

– Sadie Robertson

Duck Dynasty

Alex Seeley

Live Original

Live Original (book)

Rebekah Lyons


Winter Jam

Passion City


Woman Bleeding and Touching Jesus story

Priscilla Shirer

Church of the City

Chris McClarney

Dancing with the Stars

Franklin Juice

Frothy Monkey

That Sounds Fun Weekend

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

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Isn’t She Fun!

on June 13, 2017 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with no comments by

Oh y’all.

The That Sounds Fun Weekend 2017 is about six weeks away and I am CRAZY EXCITED. Don’t you know that I cannot think of anything more fun than inviting my friends to come spend a weekend with me in Nashville! I am so pumped about it. Last year was AMAZING and this year is shaping up pretty legit too.

Our special guests are lined up (you can see them here… almost all of them at least… still one more announcement to come!), the swag bag is coming together beautifully, and all the VIP tickets are sold out. (But don’t panic, there are still a handful of regular tickets available!)

And this week we get to do one of my VERY FAVORITE THINGS- give away some tickets to some deserving and fun women!

Somebody come to mind? Is there a friend or a family member that you KNOW wants to come to the weekend but doesn’t have a ticket yet? Enter them into the contest!

The contest totally runs over on INSTAGRAM, so make sure you post there.

Here’s all you have to do!
1. Post a pic on Instagram of a woman in your life that deserves a free ticket to the weekend!
2. Tell us what makes her SO FUN and why she should get a ticket!
3. Make sure you tag me @anniefdowns
4. Include the hashtag #tsfweekend2017 (we already have some amazing entries!)

You have until midnight Friday (6/16) and we’ll read all the stories over the weekend and then pick FIVE fun women to join us July 28-30!!

EEEK! So grab a pic of your friend you KNOW wants to be here for #tsfweekend2017, post it on insta, and tell us all about her!

A few details:
• the ticket is free, travel and lodging aren’t included
• make sure your Instagram is public or we won’t be able to see!
• you have one week to convince us YOUR pal should be our gal.
• follow all the rules!
• this contest is on Instagram only, so you gotta post here!
Good luck and can’t wait to see which of y’all will be joining us in July!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 39: SheReadsTruth + Romans

on May 25, 2017 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with 1 comment by

Y’all know I love bringing those SheReadsTruth gals onto the show whenever a new big study is releasing! I’ll be honest with you, I was skeptical about spending 6 weeks in Romans, but these people convinced me. So I’m in. Listen to our conversation and then I bet you’ll want to join me.

And this episode is extra double fun because:

a) they brought Russ Ramsey with them too!

b) they are offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE just for you guys!!

For starters, today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday), all shipping on the site is freeeeee. So that’s a bueno bonus.

But. Just for us…..

Use the code ANNIE10 and get 10% off anything you order from the SheReadsTruth shop! They have family packs for the new Romans study, and lots of past studies that you could stock up for the fall or get as gifts, like the adorable SHE shirt.

So that’s cool. And I think you’re going to love what Russ and Amanda and Raechel have to say about the book of Romans, the author Paul, and Italian cheese. 🙂

To hear our conversation, you can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

Here are the links to the things we talked about in the episode!

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors


– She Reads Truth

Amanda Bible Williams

Raechel Myers

Russ Ramsey

He Reads Truth

Kids Read Truth

Beth Moore


Parmesan Cheese Wheels

Scott Sauls

Christ Presbyterian Church

Nate Shurden

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church

New Kids on the Block

Boyz II Men

Paula Abdul

She Reads Truth Store

That Sounds Fun Weekend


Ann Patchett

Parnassus Books

Chris Stapleton

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That Sounds Fun Episode 38: Andrea Lucado

on May 18, 2017 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with no comments by

Dre and I have been great friends for what feels like a million years… probably closer to 7 or 8. As you will hear in this conversation, she and I jump right in and talk about all the things- funny and serious and important and absolutely not important. 🙂

If you have a single woman in your life, this may be a good episode to share with her. Because at one point, Dre and I definitely forgot we were recording and just went for it. So. Enjoy that. 🙂

Her new book English Lessons is absolutely one of my favorite reads of 2017. I’m gifting it to A LOT of friends this year and I bet you will too once you read it!

To hear our conversation, you can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

Here’s a list of all the stuff we talked about in this episode!

Steven Curtis Chapman

Danielle Walker

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors


The Ryman Auditorium

– Andrea Lucado

Max Lucado

English Lessons

Fixer Upper

Air B&B Link!  (I knew you could find it, Haile!!)

Letting the land lie fallow

Oxford University

Oxford Brookes University

University of Edinburgh

Lady Antebellum

Jon Acuff

Looking for Lovely

Rebekah Lyons

That Sounds Fun Weekend

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That Sounds Fun Episode 37: Steven Curtis Chapman

on May 11, 2017 in That Sounds Fun Podcast with 1 comment by

Y’all. This one. Such a special day. I’ve been a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman for YEARS- truly years. So to get to sit down with him for the podcast was incredibly special. His new book, Between Heaven and the Real World, is an amazing read about an equally amazing career, with many honest spots of vulnerability and pain.

Hope you enjoy this episode (sorry I cried) and grab a copy of his book for yourself!

To hear our conversation, you can either subscribe and listen on iTunes, or feel free to listen on the player below!

– Steven Curtis Chapman

Between Heaven and the Real World

Ellie Holcomb

Red Sea Road

Opryland USA

Grand Ole Opry

Tennessee Titans

Nashville Predators

Sparrow Records

Word Records

Colony House

Kings of Leon

The Mountain

– Choosing to SEE

Looking for Lovely

The Ryman

Sam’s Place

Tom Ryman

Union Gospel Tabernacle

Nashville Now Show

Faith Hill

Rascal Flatts

Love and Theft

Hillary Scott

Matthew West

Holly Williams

Craig Morgan

Ray Stevens

Ronnie Milsap


When You are a Soldier

Scott Sauls

Heaven in the Real World

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