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That Sounds Fun Podcast Episode 3: Word for 2015

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Oh we had the best time recording this episode yesterday! Episode 3 of the That Sounds Fun podcast is with my favorite (only) assistant Sarah. We sat down at the dining room table and talked about our words for 2015. You know mine is SABBATH, and it is infusing most of my conversations right now, including this one.

Literally. Here we are. At the dining room table. Yesterday.


That’s me, using a computer program that might as well be in Chinese to me and literally every podcast takes me three times the amount of minutes of a normal person with a brain and knowledge of GarageBand. And the microphone is far closer to Sarah because MY VOLUME IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.

All that said :), I hope you enjoy this episode! (You can listen here or hop over to iTunes and download it!)

Here are links to the things we discuss or share in this podcast:

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MomentMaker by Carlos Whittaker

One Word 365 (This website is REALLY cool! I’m so impressed!)

The Rest of God by Mark Buchanan

Review/rate this podcast


. . . . .

By the way, here are some other books I’m going to read about SABBATH, if you are interested:

Sabbath by Dan Allender

Sabbath As Resistance by Walter Brueggemann

Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner

24/6 by Matthew Sleeth

Breathe by Priscilla Shirer

Let me know if you have any other suggestions- of things I should read OR books Sarah should read about “explore” as her word for 2015 OR conversations you want to hear on the podcast OR people you want me to interview! I’m all ears, you guys!

. . . . .

Tuebook Tuesday.

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See what I did there?

I want to tell you about two books that release today that I think will really impact the planet. And I thought about titling the blog post “Two Book Twos Day,” but that felt even dumber… if that’s possible. So I went with “Tuebook” and I actually really like it and will probably use it repeatedly.

Okay. So the books.

Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker


I’ve loved Lisa-Jo Baker for a long time. She is a dear friend and partner in crime over at (in)courage. She wrestled with this book- I watched and listened from afar- and I know that she put her heart and soul all over those pages. It’s beautifully written, somber at times, hopeful front to back, and from what I’m hearing online, there is not a mama who has not been moved by this book.

So go ahead and grab it to read yourself or to give to a mama who may need a little encouragement this season.


. . . . .

Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker


Carlos and Heather Whittaker have absolutely become my people here in Nashville. I knew them both barely when we all lived in Atlanta, and was a longtime reader of Carlos’s blog, Ragamuffin Soul, but within the last few years, we’ve gone there. Know what I mean? They’ve let me into their family and I’ve let them into my hurt (which for me, is a deep level of friendship) and we are all the better for it.

So I can tell you, first hand, this book is how they live. Without question. They live to make each moment memorable and honest. It has changed how I live. Even today, while I’m in Orlando after speaking at YPS yesterday, I’m making choices using their lens- what is most memorable? With my limited time and resources, how do I get the most out of every moment?

It’s a fun read, a quick read, but an impactful one.

. . . . .

Know of any other awesome books releasing this week? Feel free to share! We are a people who love books! 🙂

Media Mania!

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Oh friends, Speak Love launch week continues with lots of media spread around the internet. So I wanted to share it with you in one giant list.

Ready. Set. Go.

I wrote an article for Bible Gateway this week. It was a simple assignment- write five articles about Speak Love, this first one being kind of an introduction. Well, my bestie Betsy was in town this weekend, so we went to the coffee shop and well, we sat beside a mean girl. So I wrote about her.

. . . . .

Carlos Whittaker has started a new podcast called the Pew Party Podcast. The first two episodes are really stellar, but the third one, well, I’m on it. 🙂 We talk about online dating and raising daughters and why people retweet our pastor Pete Wilson. So set aside forty-ish minutes and hear me laugh too loud in your ears.

. . . . .

Bryan Allian and I filmed an eight minute video for CrowdScribed where I answer literally 6.5 questions. Here’s the link, but also, you’ll see the video below. Best. Screenshot. Ever.

6.5 Questions with Annie Downs from Crowd Scribed on Vimeo.

. . . . .

The first reviews for Speak Love are coming in! Once you finish reading the book, would you consider writing a review on your favorite online book retail website…. like… Amazon?

. . . . .

I’m loving the comments on yesterday’s (in)courage post! I love hearing women talk about the power of words.

. . . . .

In an exciting turn of events, a lot of people have created art, totally independent from my book, using the words Speak Love. So I build a Speak Love Art pinterest board. There is also a Speak Love Revolution board where I pin text art that I think is really beautiful and encouraging.

. . . . .

Have you signed up for my email list yet? I have a fun email headed out tomorrow and I want to make sure you guys get it! [UPDATE: Zondervan just called and the fun email can’t go out until next week. Whah whah. But you’ll still get first dibs. So. No email update Friday. Next week. Carry on.]

. . . . .

Tomorrow, I’m answering one of my favorite questions about Speak Love: Why did Christian pop star Jamie-Grace write the foreword? 

Do you have any questions about Speak Love? I’m happy to answer them! 


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I think I may have forgotten to mention this.

I’m at Catalyst in Atlanta.

What is Catalyst, you ask?

Well, according to the Catalyst website, “Catalyst was created to meet the felt need that existed within the church leader space for a leadership event that was focused on a new generation of church leaders.”

Is yours truly, AnnieBlogs, a church leader? Why no. No she is not.

But. I am a Christian with a few leadership roles, and a bunch of my friends were coming here, so I jumped in the car and sped down to Atlanta [which a trip to the hometown is never a bad idea]. I’m shacking up with Bianca, Lindsey, and Trish. Bianca is a newlywed and threatened more than once to cuddle with me. I said, “you’re the best, but no thanks.”

We ate lunch with a bunch of friends, I met tons of people and the conversations started like this:  “Hi, I’m Annie. I recognize you from Twitter.” And it has been true every time. It seems that on Wednesday, the Labs day, most people are fairly familiar with each other. Thursday promises 13,000 people and I PROMISE I won’t know most of them.

There were two main highlights from Wednesday […besides the friends. You know me, the people are always the highlight.]

Highlight #1: I had a three hour dinner with two of my very favorite dudes- Jeremy and Kyle. We all work together pretty regularly, but don’t see each other much. It was fun and thought-provoking. It was silly and deep. It was business and good times. I describe Kyle and Jeremy like this- they are the brothers that I have always never wanted. They pick on me and annoy me and I love them both to pieces.

[This was us in 2009. My hair was LONG and they are TALL. They are still tall, but in 2010, I cut my hair.]

Kyle took a picture at dinner of Jeremy and I in deep thought. Or….

We’re having a staring contest. In which case, I won. I always do.

Highlight #2: The labs on Wednesday were phenomenal- my bud-ski Anne Jackson and my other bud-ski Carlos Whittaker, Jeremy, Michael Hyatt, John Ortberg.

But by far, the moment that I would have driven all this way for- the lab by Jamie Tworkowski from To Write Love on Her Arms and Scott Harrison from Charity:Water.

Scott on left, Jamie on right

Now, you know me. You know I don’t get star struck. But when it comes to the world of non-profit workers [like me at Mocha Club], Scott Harrison is pretty much the bees’ knees. There are tons of things that Charity:Water does REALLY right and he’s the head of that ship. So. I pretty much sat as close to the front as possible, hung on his every word, and avoided eye contact.

Because I’m mature.

He’s just the coolest. In my mind, he’s the quarterback of the football team at Non-Profit High School. So it was pretty much delightful to be in the same room listening to him.

[By the way, Jamie is cool too. We have lots of mutual friends and talked for a bit. I just have a major NPO crush on Charity:Water.]

So that was a very long discussion on my first day ever at a Catalyst event.

Today holds lots of promise, including lunch with one of my heroes, Seth Godin. I haven’t seen him since New York, so I’m guessing I’ll tear up when I hug him.

Cause you know, that’s how I do. I’m a crier.

See y’all tomorrow.

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