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2018 Christmas Party Episode 2: Ellie Holcomb

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Many of you already feel the way I do about Ellie Holcomb: OBSESSED and IN LOVE. I know. She’s wonderful. And there’s no one better to walk into our Christmas party right after our SheReadsTruth friends than Ellie!

We talk about life and friendship and the holidays and her new book for kids- Who Sang the First Song?– that you DEFINITELY need in your life. (And if you aren’t already a fan of her music, start with Red Sea Road. It’s my faaaaaavorite.)

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That Sounds Fun Episode 27: Ellie Holcomb

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You know this girl. Ellie Holcomb is one of my dearest friends and someone I love being around. You’ve heard her voice since the show began- she’s our background music for almost every episode- but this week marks a musical switcharoo to the song “Fighting Words” from the new album Red Sea Road.

We sat down a few days ago and just talked about all the things- seriously. We were eating doughnuts and chatting as if the microphones weren’t even there. So if you’ve ever wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation, this is your chance! 🙂

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TOP 5 FRIDAY: So Long Summer Songs

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TOP 5 FRIDAY is when we each list five of our favorite things, depending on the topic. Feel free to join in via the comments or by posting on your own blog and linking back here. Play along. It’s Friday.

. . . . .

I’m back to work, sitting on planes and sitting at airports and sitting at my dining room table, which means we’ve got a lot of tunes running through my brain. And with this being the last weekend of summer, I’m guessing you could use some new music. I’m not trying to be bossy, but I’m going to tell you not only WHAT you need, but WHEN you need it.

Here are the records that are on repeat right now. Might I suggest you get-chu-some?

. . . . .

WertzI don’t want to exaggerate or make promises that I can’t keep, but if you are looking for a fun send-me-into-fall album, this is it.

Heatwave by Matt Wertz is the brand new throw back that you are absolutely going to want to play with your windows down on a back road Saturday afternoon. This is your heading out of town album, your let’s-send-summer-out-with-a-bang soundtrack.

. . . . .

EllieSweetness Ellie Holcomb. You know her. We like to spend a lot of time together in cars driving to events and she sings and I speak and we have the absolute best of times.

Her new EP,With You Now, is an absolutely beautiful piece of art that you can spend a mere $6 on and it will truly bless you. Wake up early on Saturday, watch the sunrise, and let Ellie sing about your Creator while you watch His creation.

[I’m not kidding. It is really a gift of an EP.]

. . . . .

BenThere just isn’t a voice like Ben Rector’s. Nope, not a one. It is one of the most unique and strong and pleasant things you will ever hear.

It has been a BLAST to watch The Walking in Between do so well, shoot up the charts, and get download one bazillion time. Well deserved, I say. This album is calming yet fun, loud and quiet, serious and smooth. It is just what you want when you’re cooking dinner or grilling out.

. . . . .

Glory RevealedI know, I know. This is such an oldie. BUT SUCH A GOODIE. I’m a big fan of anyone who will put scripture to song, and this is the album is still go back to over and over again.

Glory Revealed is one of the best. If you’re looking for a sitting-by-the-lake album that the whole family will love, this is it.

. . . . .
JohnnyswimPlease. You know Johnnyswim right? You must.

So, here’s what I’m thinking. You’ve had a great weekend, you’re not sunburned just a little crispy and you are realizing it is Sunday night and you don’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Put Heart Beats by Johnnyswim on as you pour a glass of wine or a warm cup of coffee. This is your night ender, the one you’ll remember when you think back on the weekend.

. . . . .

My plan for waving summer goodbye for the next four days?

Watching Georgia football of course because THE DAWGS ARE BACK AND THIS IS OUR YEAR. Playing at the lake. Prepping for a buncha speaking opportunities I have next week [I’ll tell you about it after the weekend]. And just having a great time. Because, you know, I love fun.

. . . . .


What are you listening to that I need to be hearing?

What are your weekend plans?

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