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That Sounds Fun Episode 32: Lisa-Jo Baker

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Man, it is always so extra special to me when my longtime friends join me on an episode of the podcast. That is the case today with Lisa-Jo Baker. Years and years of friendship are going to be the filter through which this podcast exists. 🙂 Lisa-Jo is an incredible friend, a mighty good author, and just an all around fun person to talk with.

Today we’re celebrating the release of her new book, Never Unfriended, and I think you are going to love all she has to say about it (and the book itself!)

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– Lisa-Jo Baker

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Tuebook Tuesday.

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See what I did there?

I want to tell you about two books that release today that I think will really impact the planet. And I thought about titling the blog post “Two Book Twos Day,” but that felt even dumber… if that’s possible. So I went with “Tuebook” and I actually really like it and will probably use it repeatedly.

Okay. So the books.

Surprised by Motherhood by Lisa-Jo Baker


I’ve loved Lisa-Jo Baker for a long time. She is a dear friend and partner in crime over at (in)courage. She wrestled with this book- I watched and listened from afar- and I know that she put her heart and soul all over those pages. It’s beautifully written, somber at times, hopeful front to back, and from what I’m hearing online, there is not a mama who has not been moved by this book.

So go ahead and grab it to read yourself or to give to a mama who may need a little encouragement this season.


. . . . .

Moment Maker by Carlos Whittaker


Carlos and Heather Whittaker have absolutely become my people here in Nashville. I knew them both barely when we all lived in Atlanta, and was a longtime reader of Carlos’s blog, Ragamuffin Soul, but within the last few years, we’ve gone there. Know what I mean? They’ve let me into their family and I’ve let them into my hurt (which for me, is a deep level of friendship) and we are all the better for it.

So I can tell you, first hand, this book is how they live. Without question. They live to make each moment memorable and honest. It has changed how I live. Even today, while I’m in Orlando after speaking at YPS yesterday, I’m making choices using their lens- what is most memorable? With my limited time and resources, how do I get the most out of every moment?

It’s a fun read, a quick read, but an impactful one.

. . . . .

Know of any other awesome books releasing this week? Feel free to share! We are a people who love books! 🙂

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