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Atta boy, Wertz.

on April 28, 2009 in Nash-livin', Sounds good to me. with 5 comments by

Here is Matt’s new video. Yay!!

Good news: I was there for the whole filming and it was a blast and all my friends are in it. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo with a bunch of people that you actually don’t know. [So, I guess that's not so fun for you.] But it was a SUPER cool night and something I can check off my list of things to do in Nashville.

Bad news: In a sad turn of events, I am no. where. to. be. seen. Sigh. That lack of natural trendiness has cost me again. But Stoltz isn’t in it either and he sweats trendy, so I don’t take it personal.

[Sorry you have to watch a commercial before the video starts. Lame, MTV. Lame.]

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