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Today is a celebration.

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I’m not a runner.

You know this.

I am slow. It makes me sad and frustrated. I’ve always been slow, even on my best soccer day. I’m not in tip-top shape. I haven’t enjoyed training. I don’t love to exercise.

[Amendment. Exercises I do love: playing soccer, Zumba classes, and water aerobics.]


Today is a celebration. The Seaside Half Marathon, for me, is a celebration.

I am celebrating a working body and a willing heart. I am celebrating feet that can move. I am celebrating the fact that I am single and I can pop down to the beach for the weekend with five of my girlfriends. I am celebrating warm weather and beach smells. I am celebrating a flexible job and a generous boss. I am celebrating health and sunshine and friendship and three hours alone on a flat race course.

For 13.1 hard miles, I will celebrate life.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be short. My friends will finish in around 2 hrs and 15 minutes. I will not. In fact, the race is from 7a-10a and then the roads open again. So it looks like I’ll be finishing with some grandmas and a bunch of fancy SUVs.

But even in the worst moments, I want to celebrate. Today I consider myself very lucky to get to be a part of this race. I’m not saying I’ll ever move for 13.1 miles on my feet ever again [I probably won’t and don’t let me], but for today, it’s gonna be great.

Keep up with me on twitter (@annieblogs) and this is where I will announce my survival/victory/injuries/puking.

I hope you have a great Sunday too. 🙂

What are you celebrating today?

Are you in Seaside?

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After I blogged about running/walking/crawling the Seaside Half Marathon last week, a whole bunch of you left comments or emailed me saying that you too would be running this race.

That’s crazy cool.


You’re probably going to beat me. Which I’m actually fine with. I’m going to finish. I’ll be the blogger behind you.

This is more of just a public service announcement that if you are here, and you plan on heading to pick up your packet on Saturday, let’s meet up and take a picture! How cutey-patootie would THAT be?

So we don’t know exactly what time we’ll head to pick up our packets – it depends on the weather. But we’ll be there way before dinner- more towards the noonish side of the event. Probably before 3? Look for any of these six girls and come up and say hi! [I’ve prepped them- they are excited to meet you!]

Seriously! Let’s have a meet up! Let’s meet! And chat! About racing! And take a picture! And I’m excited! Apparently!

Check on twitter @annieblogs because I’ll say when we go to pick up our packets. Also, @reply me when you head in and we’ll all find each other.

It’ll be like friends meeting up…. except we’ll be meeting for the first time. So, that’ll be kinda awkward, but we’ll be so excited about the 13 miles in our future that the awkward will just evaporate.

Yay for Seaside!

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