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Book talk.

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I just can’t even tell you how much I love talking about Westbow Press and this book. It’s not a pride thing [I hope!] but instead, I hope this is a fun story for you to hear. And maybe, just maybe, there is this “thing” that you’ve always wanted to do; and I hope you see that if I can do this and I’m kind of a dork, then you can totally do your “thing”.

Do yo thing.

First- let me answer some questions from the last time we talked book.

This isn’t dumb, Face. Great question. The difference is this [I think]: with traditional publishing, you get chosen by them, you get an advance [$$], and you work with the publishing house’s editor, graphic designer, marketing team, and all sorts of other cool perks from professionals who make books all the livelong day. And then you get paid a percent of the profit from book sales.

With self-publishing [and you can read more on Westbow’s website]: you pay up front to have the book made and based on what package you pick determines how many of the company’s hands are on deck. [As for me, I have my own professional editor and graphic designer, so I didn’t pay for that.] And then in the end, you get a little bit bigger percent of the profit from book sales.

Both ways are super awesome. Traditional publishing is cool and trustworthy and tried and true. Self-publishing is cool and new and a wee bit indie. Maybe a bit hipster? I hope so. It’s my new goal in life.

[There are a few other differences- if you are deciding which route to take, read up on both. Seriously.]

First of all, super cute pic, Dani. Secondly, thanks for your kind words. My marketing plan? Well, I’m gonna get right on that as soon as we turn the book in this week. I’m kinda surrounded by genius marketers, so I plan to abuse, I mean USE, their knowledge.

I would definitely suggest getting an agent. They are way way smart, have great connections, and know how to speak the publishing language. In fact, I’m probably going to look into an agent in the near future for some other projects I’m working on.

Tam, I love that we share Lindsey as a mutual friend. She’s dear to me. And I love that you have already talked to the folks at Westbow. They are rad. I couldn’t be happier with how things have gone so far. Truly.

A good editor is a MUST MUST MUST. You can borrow mine, but you can’t have her. 🙂 Email me and I’ll connect you with her. Same with my designer. Her name is Emily and she is the epitome of an artist.

And here is one of the finest pieces of art I have ever seen.

The cover art for my first ever book. MY cover. The cover of MY BOOK. [I’m dying a little just writing that.]

I’ll be honest. I totally teared up when I saw this the first time. I think it is perfectly lovely. The goal for this book is that it fit comfortably between a teen girl’s Bible and journal. I wanted it to be beautiful but subtle. And Emily NAILED IT. Totally nailed it.

Tell me what YOU think! I did not-one-thing to make this cover, so I take no pride in it except that I am proud of my graphic designer pickin’ skillz. But I’d love to hear your thoughts.

We’ll turn the book in this week and then I’ll have more updates for you. Again, as always, if you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I will answer. Or I’ll find the answer.

Also, who out there is writing a book? Or wants to? Or is thinking about it a little bit but is scared to say so? Tell us about YOUR journey.

And remember my tip for today :: Do. yo. thing.

I love y’all. Thanks for walking this road with me.



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I think I may have forgotten to mention this.

I’m at Catalyst in Atlanta.

What is Catalyst, you ask?

Well, according to the Catalyst website, “Catalyst was created to meet the felt need that existed within the church leader space for a leadership event that was focused on a new generation of church leaders.”

Is yours truly, AnnieBlogs, a church leader? Why no. No she is not.

But. I am a Christian with a few leadership roles, and a bunch of my friends were coming here, so I jumped in the car and sped down to Atlanta [which a trip to the hometown is never a bad idea]. I’m shacking up with Bianca, Lindsey, and Trish. Bianca is a newlywed and threatened more than once to cuddle with me. I said, “you’re the best, but no thanks.”

We ate lunch with a bunch of friends, I met tons of people and the conversations started like this:  “Hi, I’m Annie. I recognize you from Twitter.” And it has been true every time. It seems that on Wednesday, the Labs day, most people are fairly familiar with each other. Thursday promises 13,000 people and I PROMISE I won’t know most of them.

There were two main highlights from Wednesday […besides the friends. You know me, the people are always the highlight.]

Highlight #1: I had a three hour dinner with two of my very favorite dudes- Jeremy and Kyle. We all work together pretty regularly, but don’t see each other much. It was fun and thought-provoking. It was silly and deep. It was business and good times. I describe Kyle and Jeremy like this- they are the brothers that I have always never wanted. They pick on me and annoy me and I love them both to pieces.

[This was us in 2009. My hair was LONG and they are TALL. They are still tall, but in 2010, I cut my hair.]

Kyle took a picture at dinner of Jeremy and I in deep thought. Or….

We’re having a staring contest. In which case, I won. I always do.

Highlight #2: The labs on Wednesday were phenomenal- my bud-ski Anne Jackson and my other bud-ski Carlos Whittaker, Jeremy, Michael Hyatt, John Ortberg.

But by far, the moment that I would have driven all this way for- the lab by Jamie Tworkowski from To Write Love on Her Arms and Scott Harrison from Charity:Water.

Scott on left, Jamie on right

Now, you know me. You know I don’t get star struck. But when it comes to the world of non-profit workers [like me at Mocha Club], Scott Harrison is pretty much the bees’ knees. There are tons of things that Charity:Water does REALLY right and he’s the head of that ship. So. I pretty much sat as close to the front as possible, hung on his every word, and avoided eye contact.

Because I’m mature.

He’s just the coolest. In my mind, he’s the quarterback of the football team at Non-Profit High School. So it was pretty much delightful to be in the same room listening to him.

[By the way, Jamie is cool too. We have lots of mutual friends and talked for a bit. I just have a major NPO crush on Charity:Water.]

So that was a very long discussion on my first day ever at a Catalyst event.

Today holds lots of promise, including lunch with one of my heroes, Seth Godin. I haven’t seen him since New York, so I’m guessing I’ll tear up when I hug him.

Cause you know, that’s how I do. I’m a crier.

See y’all tomorrow.

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