For a couple of hours I have been feverishly cleaning my home. Not like scrubbing, mopping, dusting. No, I hate that stuff. I’m taking more along the lines of opening every drawer, cabinet, and closet and asking the following questions:

1) Did I even use this (or wear this) in 2007?
Yes= continue to question #2
No= continue to question #3

2) Did I use it (wear it) often in 2007?
Yes= keep it. Move to next item and begin with question #1
No= continue to question #3

3) Do I REALLY foresee myself using this/wearing this often in 2008?
Yes= continue to question #4
No= give it away.

4) Are you sure? Because you really shouldn’t have gotten this far in the questions if this was an item that you really need.
Yes, I’m sure= keep it. Though you’ll probably give it away at Inventory 2009.
No= good girl. Give it away.

bonus questions for clothes:

A) Does it fit RIGHT NOW?
Yes= continue to bonus question B
No= give it away. End of story. Unless it’s too small….. then you can consider keeping it as motivation in 08.

B) Did you purchase this item since 2000?
Yes= you may keep it IF you have worn it at least twice in 2007.
No= let it go, Annie. Just let it go.

As for the “give away” part, I’m at a crossroads. And I need your help:

And if you so choose, you can comment on why you voted the way you did. I always like to know why you make the decisions you do.

Happy New Year!