It’s rare that I run out of things to say. I’ve been pondering a blog topic for about 24 minutes now and haven’t come up with anything life-changing, so I’ll just bring on ye old stream of consciousness, which usually ends up a wee bit weird.

I’m an hour away from eating lunch with some teacher friends, I have a short but important list of things I need to purchase from Target, and the sundry items left to pack in my room are annoying me- almost like they are humming at a pitch that pains my ears. Know what I mean?

I have managed, quite successfully, to completely load the next three days with social activities, seeing people, returning borrowed items, spending time with some kids I love, etc.

But the unfortunate thing that I can’t shake is this complete exhaustion that hangs on my back. I think its the remnants of Scotland- the fact that it was constantly in my mind from October 07 until last week. I’m just still so tired. I could, with little to no complaint, remain here, in my bed in my pajamas, for upwards of the entire day. And that can’t be right. But it feels oh so right.

I know I’ll regret it. If I stay in bed all day. I’ll regret not seeing people that I love before I move. I’ll regret not checking to see if my legs work today. Come 6pm, I’ll wonder how it was even possible that I could remain in one spot, give or take a flip or a flop, for 20 hours. Trust me. I wondered that on Monday.

So I’m getting up. I’m choosing life over tired. I will leave Marietta on Sunday and at some point, tired will go away. I’d rather live Marietta and let tired just disappear instead of living tired and having Marietta disappear.