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Hey friends.  Thank you for your patience with me this week as I attempted to focus.  Its going fairly well.  I have enjoyed my blog-break (all of three days), but I have missed it too.  I don’t have an update on Catherine yet except that she made it out of surgery, but keep checking her blog and THANK YOU for praying.

Mild amounts of hilarity have occurred, including but not limited to: attending a photo shoot with Country Weekly at the Nashville Zoo, seeing Michael W. Smith (my first famous person sighting), watching the Georgia game with the Nashville UGA alumni, trying to find an outfit for THIS, playing the mutual friend game with a country star (don’t ask, I’m not saying), falling in love with a $200 dress that I just couldn’t bring myself to buy, watching an ungodly amount of Reba, and balancing my checkbook.  Yeah, that was really hilarious.  In a “where did that money go” kind of way.

I’m working today and I think I need to blog.  I told myself I wouldn’t until the giveaway (which may be Monday- CDs are being shipped tomorrow and I hate to giveaway without them in hand), but today’s writing has been intense.  I need the relief of a lighthearted happy blog.  I’m working on a chapter that kinda anchors the whole book- my personal struggle with self-image.  [I don’t blog about it, but apparently I write about it.]  But typing out details of specific pain-filled experiences kinda makes me relive them in my heart.  Which isn’t fun.

The upside is how much I enjoy seeing new things in the Bible when I’m researching.  For example, I’m using some scripture from Mark 12.  And as I read, I came across something I have never seen before.  After Jesus explains the most important commandments, in vs. 28-31, the teacher who questioned him then gives his response.  He agrees with Jesus, and then here is verse 34-

When Jesus saw that he had answered wisely, He said to him, ‘You are not far from the kingdom of God.‘”

I love that.  I feel like Jesus had a sly grin when He said this, like it was a breath of fresh air.  Like, “Yeah, dude.  You’ve got it. Well played.” [That is the Annie interpretation.  Not direct translation.]

I like to be reminded that Jesus was human.  That things impressed Him.  That He enjoyed hearing others’ opinions.  That when someone actually sorta understood Him, it really meant something to Him.  That maybe He wasn’t always so alone in His thinking- every now and again, someone was “not far for the kingdom of God”.

I want to live and think and move in such a way that Jesus smiles and says, “Hey, actually, no matter what you feel, you are not far.”

From the kingdom.

From Him.

From His love.

Now that’s worth blogging about.


  1. posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 4:37 PM  |  reply

    You watch Reba? I’m obsessed. We really are related. It’s scary.

  2. posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 5:54 PM  |  reply

    beautiful, annie.

    you saw mws? how funny. you are in famous-ville. maybe more than me.

  3. Southern Gal
    posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 6:34 PM  |  reply

    So glad to see you blogged. Yeah, I’m addicted. Did you ever think you’d be an addiction? That sounds creepy. Sorry.

    I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned watching Reba. My daughter watches it all the time. She’s at college now and doesn’t have cable at the moment, so anytime she’s home Reba is on. I think we’ve had to sit through every episode three times at least.

    Love when God shows us something in His word that was there all along. Makes it new and fresh all the time.


  4. HP
    posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 7:22 PM  |  reply

    I’ve been a fan of your blog for a few weeks now, but when I read in this post that you watch ungodly amounts of Reba too, I added you to my list of the coolest people in the world.

  5. Kristi Kay
    posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 8:34 PM  |  reply

    Wow…so who knew Reba would draw such a crowd of responses?

    Had a professor at UGA that would say ” (name), you are not farrrrr from the kingdom”. He only said it only special occasions – it was great. I got one of these one time. It felt pretty good.

  6. posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 8:46 PM  |  reply

    1. i love reba along with every one else
    2. as hard as writing can be, drudging up your personal thoughts and experience will only make your book stronger, b/c who CAN’T relate to problems with self image. hellerrr!
    3. i love the not far thing. and yes, jesus was def smiling. xoxo

  7. posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 10:11 PM  |  reply

    Yes. Yes, it is.

    (Have you ever posted about what, exactly, you’re writing, Annie? I’m mostly new, so I’m in the dark about why you moved and what you’re doing in Tennessee – besides watching Reba, natch.)

  8. posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 11:16 PM  |  reply

    Heck yeah.

  9. Annie
    posted on Sep 04, 2008 at 11:32 PM  |  reply

    You people do love you some Reba.

    And just FYI. If you are wondering why people ask me questions and I don’t answer, I answer via email usually instead of via comment.

    Just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring questions. I try not to ignore anything except the ice cream calling me from the freezer.


  10. posted on Sep 05, 2008 at 7:41 AM  |  reply

    I’m glad to hear the book is going well and to know that entertaining and encouraging us can make you feel better. =)

    And like just about everybody else, I loooove Reba. The tv stays off all day until Reba comes on, which is when I start cooking dinner. It’s one of the best shows ever!

  11. posted on Sep 05, 2008 at 3:28 PM  |  reply

    I would assume that all people residing in Tennessee mush watch a specified amount of Reba daily. It’s a state law! Are you allowed to supplement with CMT or the Jeff Foxworthy Show, as well?

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