#1. HUGGING. I don’t HATE hugging.  I just don’t choose it as my primary display of affection.  I have had more interesting conversations and emails this weekend regarding people feeling awkward about hugging me.  It’s been hilarious.  Let me clarify- it’s okay to hug me.  I will probably hug you.  It’s just not my FAVORITE past time.

#2.  GEORGIA FOOTBALL. Have I ever mentioned that my Dad went to Alabama?  Sheesh.

#3.  NASHVILLE. I am going back.  Tomorrow.  Sue me.  My mom offered up a Paula Deen recipe for dinner.  You may call that manipulation.  I call that delish-ulation.

#4.  A JOB. I got one.  An editing job that will last 8 weeks.  I’m thrilled and nauseous.  But not in that order.  Pray for me.  And sing that good ole country song, “There’s a first time for everything”.  Cause that’s what I’m singing.  Along with “PLEASE GOD HELP ME”.  It’s a new song that you may not have heard before. Because I just made it up.

#5.  HEALTH INSURANCE. I got some today.  So were my arm to get cut off tomorrow, the hospital would replace it for less than the cost of that arm plus a leg.

#6.  THANKS. For all your love and encouragement.  I feel my emotional strength returning and I’m feeling better about Nashville.  This whole following God thing?  It’s a roller coaster.  But I’m buckled in.  The hills may seem to be too much at times, but a worse fate would be to get off the ride.  His ways are always better.  So I’ll choose to trust.