And I’ll pounce when you least expect it.

[Or nap and eat lasagna like Garfield.]

Either way, that weird analogy was supposed to be some sort of statement about my lack of blogging this week. Though I fear it more points to my lack of restraint when it comes to stream of consciousness humor.


I owe every one of you sweet commenters a huge apology for not responding to your comments this week. I will be doing so Friday night, which, I know, makes you deeply jealous of my crazy fun life, that I would be spending a Friday night on a date with Senor G. Mail.

But alas, so is my life.

With nothing else exciting to say, I will bid you fond farewells and say that someday, when I’m not focused on Help-Portrait and the fact that I’m spending all the time I can with two of my absolute best friends (Annie and Betsy) because they are leaving Nashville in less than 20 days, I will be a good blogger again.

Maybe. 🙂

I’m trying something new below- no pressure to click the box, I’m just going to see what it looks like. It’s some sort of “get AnnieBlogs in your inbox” kind of gig. I dunno. It’s just a plug-in I found this one time. Sheesh. We have now officially reached OVER EXPLANATION.