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Disclaimer: What you can’t tell from the sunglasses is that most of the time I am looking at the road. I promise.

Here are the two videos I made in the car. It’s kinda stressful to have two big videos due on the same day, so forgive the lack of bells and whistles.

Video #1- with cape. For the Get Fit Challenge. Cause. You know. It’s RUNNING MY LIFE. I mean, my flipcam. [I’ll be honest, I got bored rewatching this video tonight. That’s a long 2 minutes of talking. So don’t feel bad if you get bored. So did the girl in the video.]

On a not-boring note, there’s a new blog post up at the Get Fit Challenge and I would LOVE to hear your input. Yay for the iPhone and its many ah-mazing apps.

Video #2- sans cape. For SheSeeks about controlling your tongue in anger [A little longer than I usually like to make a video. Someone needs to teach me to control my tongue on long boring car rides.]

If you only have time for one video, go for the one sans cape. Because it gave me a reason to type “sans” again.

[Inside scoop: I’m tired of making videos. I miss the words. All the words. So I’ll get back to that soon. Maybe tomorrow. I dunno. Happy Friday.]


  1. posted on Feb 26, 2010 at 5:42 PM  |  reply

    Only cool people keep changes of clothes in their car. Or…parents, usually for their children.

    We’ll go with cool on this one.

    Enjoyed both videos, but especially the SheSeeks one.

    And this is just an observation, but I think you might get ‘more country’ when you visit home. I don’t know, your accent just seemed thicker this week. And that’s not an insult, just an observation. Every time I went back to Dallas having visited family in Mississippi for 2 or 3 days people would look at me like, “Who is this girl and would you please make her stop talking like that.” It was WAY worse than yours!

    Have a great weekend Annie!

  2. Face
    posted on Mar 04, 2010 at 2:38 PM  |  reply

    When you say you got Subway for lunch, do you get FREE Subway for being in the Challenge? You don’t have to answer this on the blog. Just know that I am j-e-a-l-o-u-s.

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