Holley Gerth did an amazing post on (in)courage called Cyber Sabbath. Let me recommend you read it and let me recommend you live it. [I’m starting to take the Sabbath seriously. I think we all should.]

This post on Rabbit Room about authors having small houses in which they write makes me jealous and excited and makes me love my profession because we are a weird and beautiful lot. [And yes I want one.]

Emily Freeman has been doing a series on art and I’ve been devouring it. Today’s post, One Secret to Honest Art, is so good it makes me a little sick [in the good way].

Today is the first birthday of my friend Jenny’s blog- Dinner A Love Story. I read it every day.

Seth Godin released a free e-book today called SXSW Pokes. Download it and read it. [I mean, I’m not the boss of you, I’m just saying I think you’ll enjoy the stories.]

Jon Acuff, of Stuff Christians Like fame, has started a new blog and I love it.

Offline, I’m currently reading the Bible and my March Real Simple magazine.

What are you reading?