Before you watch this video, I need to tell you a few things:

– I do not know why my voice is so raspy or why my laugh is so ridiculously noise-less. I’m usually [proudly] a loud laugher. But something is a little askew with my voice.

– Let me introduce the cast of characters:

  • Adam : competitor
  • Annie: you know me
  • Lyndsay: cute blonde, interviewer and part-time camerawoman, you know her [ALSO- today is Lyndsay’s birthday!!! Yay!]
  • Laura: lovely red-headed spitfire, bless her heart she has to live with me
  • Nichole: dark-headed beauty
  • Graham: quiet, lovely, blonde, and one friend that I will proudly say did NOT help Adam
  • Jami: cute blonde whose loud laugh makes me jealous [and she’s the one who asks to be called “Lady Justice” at 2:46]

– We love Sweet CeCe’s and we love how much they loved this competition.

– The beautiful music in the background is [of course] the dear Mandy Mann.

– Our friendship is always this awesome.

. . . . . . . . . .

[hey subscribers- just in case you can’t see it, there is a video here. So click on over a get your 5 minutes of giggles for today.]

. . . . . . . . . .

Is FroYo all the rage in your neck of the woods like it is here?

My normal concoction is red velvet yogurt with oreos. What’s yours?