Hillsong Winners!

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Congrats to these three folks for winning the Hillsong Live album!

#13 : Katherine Boozer!

#28 : Tess!

Picked out of a ton of really legit reasons that you should get the album: TRAVIS! [You are right, Trav. You have suffered with my gal posts long enough to earn some free tunes.]

The rest of you had some AMAZING reasons and I wish that I could give away 30 copies of the CD. Sorry that I can’t. But I hope you’ll check out Hillsong Live’s new album and really love it. I totally do.

. . . . .

Stay tuned around the ol’ blog, people. Check back after dinner…. so exciting stuff happening today! [Hence the lack of a real informative and hilarious blog post…. we’re doing some major behind the scenes work, y’all. Maj.]

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  1. posted on Jul 10, 2012 at 1:12 PM  |  reply

    aww, so pretty!

    so, a few weeks ago in a friday post you were talking books. my son just finished “trumpet of the swan” and we now have to work on a book report project due the first week of school. he thought an interview with sam would be fun, instead of the usual book report. so, do you have any insightful questions we could ask the main character sam?

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