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I wish I could see all your faces. You know, one of the funniest things about this blog world is that I think we’re friends because I talk to you every day and you think we’re friends because you leave comments talking to me every day and yet, we could be in the same grocery store and I wouldn’t know it.

That’s why I never go to the grocery store after I go to the YMCA. I don’t want our friendship to really kick off with me looking like that.

But there is one opportunity this month that I really wish you would take advantage of so that we can be in the same place – and that’s the Influence Conference. From September 26-28, we’ll be all relaxed and learning and hanging at the Westin Indianapolis and I think you should come.

Here’s why.

I think you may be the kind of girl who has always kinda wanted to go to a bloggy conference but you didn’t want to seem like a Tiny Twig super fan stalker and it would be weird and you would feel awkward and you’d love to come but you don’t want to be the only blogger like you and etc.

Friend. You won’t be alone. That’s not what this conference is like. Married, single, mom, non-mom, professional blogger or brand new blogger, there is a spot for you at a table full of lovelies and you will be glad you came.

I also think you may be the kind of girl who is looking to have an impact in your world – online and offline – and you want the power and compassion of Jesus flowing through you. This conference is heavy on the Jesus. And I like that.

You wanna know my favorite thing about this conference? There are no tiers of bloggers, no feeling like THIS blogger is a HUGE DEAL but THIS blogger is unknown. But that’s not because the women and men they have attending and speaking aren’t respected bloggers. It’s just this feel that Influence has- this feel that we’re all in it together. I think it’s intentional, but I also think it is Jesus.

(But, my session aside, the speakers this year at Influence are insanely impressive. I want to attend all the sessions, especially Jeff Goins… which is troublesome because we speak at the same time.)

So. I just wanted to put this out there to you. I’d love for you to come. I have a ton of speaking events this fall, but they are mostly for the mini-yous, the teen-yous, not you. But Influence? It’s for you. And I want to be there with you.

I think the next thing you do is check your budget and check out Influence Conference and see what you can do to be there.

Really. I’d love it. 

(And maybe that little feeling on your inside that is making you super nervous because you REALLY have been wanting to come but not sure if you should but maybe? Yeah. Consider this a little shove in that direction.)


(PS- I get ZERO dollars if you show up, this isn’t some “use the code ANNIEBROUGHTMEHERE” and I get $12 or anything. I swear. I just want you to be there. Amen.)


  1. posted on Sep 04, 2013 at 10:25 PM  |  reply

    Annie! I’ll be at Influence and I can’t wait to meet ya. Looking forward to it so much!

  2. posted on Sep 06, 2013 at 4:06 AM  |  reply

    […] “I [think] you may be the kind of girl who is looking to have an impact in your world – online and offline – and you want the power and compassion of Jesus flowing through you. This conference is heavy on the Jesus. And I like that.” – Annie Downs […]

  3. posted on Sep 06, 2013 at 9:17 AM  |  reply

    I’m coming!! I just bought my ticket and I am excited but nervous as well!

  4. Rachel Jackson
    posted on Sep 06, 2013 at 4:52 PM  |  reply

    You just described me! I’m a Tiny Twig Super Fan Stalker! 😉 And I’m thinking about starting a blog with my sis-in-law, and I’ve wanted to go to Influence for two years! 🙂 I’m hoping to go this year! Hope to meet you there!! 🙂

  5. posted on Sep 17, 2013 at 1:25 PM  |  reply

    Super excited you’re coming to IC again, Annie! See you soon!!

  6. Merrill Baxley
    posted on Sep 17, 2013 at 3:33 PM  |  reply

    Annie, Words cannot express how Proud I am of you and the AMAZING ways God is using you… I MEAN…… Wow!!!! Your book( which I am dying to read) seems awesome and so prevalent in these days. I work with kids daily who are being bullied… Oh How I wish I could bring u into the public schools …. Hmmm … Anyways… Just wanted to give you a shout out…. Much love.. Merrill

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