2017 Christmas Party Episode 1: SheReadsTruth + Advent

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It’s time to kick off our 2017 Christmas party! And who shows up at the door first but our faithful friends from SheReadsTruth and HeReadsTruth, ready to talk all things Advent! There’s so much more to this season than December 25th. I’m so so excited about it.

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Here are the links we talked about on the podcast!



Raechel Myers

Russ Ramsey

Amanda Bible Williams

Harry & David Fruit + Cheese

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Isaac Watts

the meaning of the X in Xmas!


Angie Smith

Jenny Acuff

Andrew Osenga + the Pivot (his podcast!)


Why it’s Important to Pre-heat your Pans…

Seared muffins

the Official Historical Timeline of Egg Consumption


a detailed photo of Meat Crust (it’s not that bad, don’t worry..)

10 Facts About Deception

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    […] the many reasons that may be, this happens often.  I was listening to a podcast the other day with Annie F. Downs and the ladies from She Reads Truth.  They were discussing Advent.  They explained Advent as the […]

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