31 Books: Christy (book #7)


christyTitle: Christy

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Catherine Marshall

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What the book is about:

Christy Huddleston left home at 19 to teach school in the Smokey Mountains. There she came to know and love the wild mountain people with their fierce pride, their dark superstitions, their terrible poverty, their yearning for beauty and truth. Christy found her faith severely challenged in these primitive surroundings; and, confronted with two young men of unique strength and needs, she found her own growing yearnings challenged by love.

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Why I like it:

Well, if you’ve been around these parts before, you know this is my all-time favorite book. But when you are stocking your own shelf, or the shelf of your favorite teen gal, this classic is a must-have. The story will touch your heart and be a total joy to come back to again and again. Sigh…. just talking about it makes me happy.

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