Day 3 :: Musicians

31 waysI stopped by one of my best friend’s house yesterday [as I promised you I would] and not only did I get to tell her and her husband how much I love them and thank God for their friendship, but I also got to tell him how much I love some new music he’s releasing.

Here’s the thing about artists in general. They are a bit insecure about their art. It’s not that we need you to love everything we do, it’s that we need to know that the fact we cut ourselves open for the art of it all is worth it.

Musicians are particularly, um, needy. 🙂

[So is this author/speaker, just FYI.]

If you are anything like me, you have a few artists that you have on repeat- you know, the ones who you can’t quit or bands that put out a new album and you always purchase it? Or when a song comes on the radio and you wonder who wrote it so you google it because THAT PERSON GETS LIFE IF THEY CAN WRITE THAT SONG? Yeah, we all have those. Music does that. Music moves us like that whether it’s on the radio in the car or in your earbuds walking down the street or the worship set on a Sunday morning.

Madeleine L’Engle says in Walking on Water that all art in some way reflects God, whether the artist intends it or not. I see that in music more than I see it anywhere else. Whether the music is meant to honor God, there are times when I feel it. Know what I mean? Times when I feel like Jesus is in that art.

And those musicians need to hear that. They need to hear that their art matters to you. I wrote about it in Speak Love and we created an e-card specifically for us to send to artists we respect. I don’t care how famous the musician is or if they are barely known- your words matter to them. Your thanks for their song well written or performed is important.

You may never get a response.

You may never know whether that musician you love even saw your tweet or facebook message or email.

But that’s not why we Speak Love. We don’t Speak Love because of what we will get back. We Speak Love because of what it will birth and stir and create in the hearts of others.

Musicians, particularly songwriters, are laying bare some of their deepest things, whether we are the listeners know that or not. And we consume their goods without ever letting them know how delicious it was.

So today, let’s Speak Love to the musicians who have filled our ears and, dare I say, our hearts.

. . . . .


Tomorrow we’re going to talk about our favorite musicians and lyrics [so save that info for tomorrow’s comment section!]. But today, why don’t you think of a few musicians or songwriters that you really deeply love and respect and tell them so! Thanks to social media, just about any famous or less-than-famous musician can be reached personally. So reach out! Speak Love. Thank them. Use your own words or send an e-card via social media!

You never know the impact your words could make.

. . . . .

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