AFTER I finish a book….

So the book has been turned in for five days and I’ve just been a busy little bee since then. In a weird turn of events, my birthday was Sunday after turning a book in on Thursday, so that made for some additional unusual excitement. [And excitement it was! I’m stoked to be 33… I always prefer odd ages anyways.]

I’ve gotten into a habit of THE BOOK IS DONE! celebrations. So here’s what it looks like after I hit send on that first draft email to my editor:

I call my parents. I like to tell them that it is DONE and TURNED IN and YAHOO! Since I turned this book in on July 4th and everyone was fireworking, I think I just texted.

I schedule a manicure. My poor fingers have done the brunt of the work, so I give them a little gift.

I clean up my writing space. My dining room table, where I sit to write, becomes a catch-all when it is book writing season, so there are necklaces and earrings and cups and post-it notes and unanswered mail strewn all over the place. I’m cleaning it up today so that when I get back from vacation, we can jump right into the next thing.

I buy another book. I tend to lean towards library check-out for fiction books, but Nashville has the most scrumptious local bookstore, so I let myself peruse for as long as I want and find just the right fiction book to dive into next.

I turn off my alarm. For a few days, I get to sleep as long as I want. When I’m on book-writing schedule, I’m up and working around 7am. So just like a kid out of school for the summer, I get to snoooooooooze.

I get a massage. Because I have been sitting and slumped at a computer for most days of most weeks so far this year, my back was ACHING. Some friends work at and suggested Elements Therapeutic Massage in Brentwood and they offered for me to come in and try it. AND Y’ALL. It was amazing. The best massage I’ve had. Truly. I’m ready to go back like, 10 minutes ago.

Here’s the EXTRA amazing thing…. Elements is offering a BOGO deal for massages this month for readers of AnnieBlogs! 

All you have to do is call them in July and say “Annie Downs finished her book in July and I need a massage!” and you’ll get the special deal of 2 massages for $89. [You don’t REALLY have to say that, but you can. You do need to ask for the AnnieBlogs special so they give you the right price.]

But remember- you have to make an appointment in JULY to get the special deal. 

[Cool, right? Seriously. Get ya some, Nashville.]

And then… after all the things are done and I’m massaged, I pack a bag and go on a short vacation, which I am doing tomorrow morning.

Leaving my computer in Nashville, I’m headed to the beach with pretty painted nails and some great books, a clean house and the most relaxed muscles in my life.

Love ya mean it. I’ll be back soon.




. . . . .

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