Some things before Tuesday.

Hi friends.

We are 24 hours from the most annoying AnnieBlogs social media experience of your life. I apologize in advance. I have to tweet and Facebook until my fingers fall off when the book releases… I think that exact terminology is in my contract with Zondervan. So I’m sorry.

[It’s not really. But it might as well be.]

But before the most annoying AnnieBlogs social media experience of your life, I want to cover a few topics:

1. Emily Freeman

One of the pure joys of this experience is that one of my dear friends is releasing a book for teen girls tomorrow as well. We’ve talked about it, we’ve cried about it, we’ve laughed about it, and we have many-a-plan together that shall be hatched in the next few weeks.

Mainly, I want to tell you to buy Emily’s teen book, Graceful. It’s beautiful and strong and she speaks teen like it is her second language. I can’t wait until my small group gets ahold of it. You should get ahold of it too.

2. Angie Smith

Another favorite human in my life is Angie Smith and her book Mended released on Saturday. If Emily and I haven’t already blown your September book budget, I think this is one you should grab.

3. Amazon Review

Starting tomorrow, if you’ve read Perfectly Unique, it would help A.TON. if you would leave an Amazon Review. It has to do with an algorithm and google spiders and science and math and I don’t understand. I just know that the more people who leave their opinions, good or less than, the better off we are because the nerds at Amazon made it that way.

Pretty much, you are my people who have to do the foot work so that the rest of the world know about the book. And I’m really sorry and really grateful. 🙂

4. I’m feeling.

I’m feeling a lot of things. In typical Annie fashion, I’m pretty much running the emotional gamut of super excited to stay under the covers. Your prayers for the next 48 hours would be really appreciated as I attempt to not be a lunatic.

5. Thank you.

I said it before, but I want to say it again. No matter what happens in the next few days with the book, I’m really grateful for you.

6. Get ready.

Tomorrow is gonna be really fun. The internet will be a buzz for sure- between me and Emily and the crazies who love us- it’s gonna be loud. Forgive. Partake. Enjoy. Ignore. Whatever makes you happy.

7. New movie?

You know I don’t end lists on 6, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to ask your opinion. So my friend Heather and I decided that for two hours on Tuesday we are going to see a movie and I am going to ignore the internet. It’s not you. It’s me. It’s the best way to prevent complete lunatic behavior in my life.

So what new movie is out that we should see? 

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