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Racial Reconciliation Resources

As we are all learning and growing, we have created this hub for racial reconciliation links and resources that Annie and her team have found helpful. . . . . . That Sounds Fun podcast episodes: Episode 223: Mike Kelsey Episode 227: Nona Jones Episode 156: Benjamin Watson Episode 151: Casey J Episode 175: LaTasha

That Sounds Fun Network Launches

We are so excited to launch the That Sounds Fun Network! Click the link below to see the official press release! That Sounds Fun Network Launches Today by Popular Author

TSF Holy Week 2020

— TSF Holy Week 2020: Palm Sunday Holy Week Bible Reading: Matthew 21:1-11 Mark 11:1-11 Luke 19:29-44 John 12:12-19 (Read from my Bible in the New International Version 1984)   TSF Holy Week 2020: Monday Holy Week Bible Reading: Matthew 21:12-22 Mark 11:12-18 Luke 19:45-48 (Read in the English Standard Version)   TSF Holy Week

TSF Quarantine

Listen Here for the first episodes on That Sounds Fun: Listen Here for Annie and Eddie Keep Talking: — TSF Quarantine Episode 1: Saturday with Eddie I am quarantined to my house until Monday, March 23. I know many of you are at home by force or by choice as well. To fight some

To my teacher friends, in these very strange days.

Dear teacher friends, I’m thinking of you so much in these coronavirus, shelter-in-place, no school for the foreseeable future days. It’s been a few years since I was a classroom teacher, spending my days surrounded by fifth graders, but it’s never so far from me that I don’t remember how that job felt. I don’t

100 Days To Brave Summer is finished!

YOU GUYS WE DID IT. So many of you started 100 Days To Brave together on May 28. And September 4 felt a million miles away. But we are here. Day 100. I cannot wait to hear your stories- the hashtag on instagram (#100DaysToBraveSummer) was incredibly fun to follow every day. And massively inspiring. Y’all

Get 100 Days To Brave Signed For Christmas!

This is one of my favorite things to do each Christmas! We have gotten a pile of emails and messages in the last few days from friends giving 100 Days To Brave as a Christmas gift and wondering if I can sign the copy for their friend! The short answer is: YES! One small problem

CSB Notetaking Bible Giveaway!

Let me just tell ya’ll something -the Bible is POWERFUL. God is really generous in tending to my heart and soul, and so much of that happens for me through reading and studying the Bible. The cool thing about the CSB Notetaking Bible is that it’s designed to enhance personal Bible study as well as preparation for

Isn’t She Fun!

Oh y’all. The That Sounds Fun Weekend 2017 is about six weeks away and I am CRAZY EXCITED. Don’t you know that I cannot think of anything more fun than inviting my friends to come spend a weekend with me in Nashville! I am so pumped about it. Last year was AMAZING and this year