Category: 31 Books Every Young Woman Needs

31 Books: Passion and Purity (Book #23)

Title: Passion and Purity . . . . . Author: Elizabeth Elliot . . . . . What the book is about: In her classic book, Elisabeth Elliot candidly shares her love story with Jim Elliot through letters, diary entries, and memories. She is honest about the temptations, difficulties, victories, and sacrifices of two young people

31 Books: The Divine Dance (Book #22)

Title: The Divine Dance . . . . . Author: Shannon Kubiak Primicerio . . . . . What the book is about: Most young women yearn to be chosen, to be called out from the crowd and loved for who they are. In The Divine Dance, Shannon Kubiak Primicerio acknowledges this desire and likens teen

31 Books: Hinds’ Feet On High Places (Book #21)

Title: Hinds Feet on High Places . . . . . Author: Hannah Hurnard . . . . . What the book is about: Hinds’ Feet on High Places is the story of a young woman named Much Afraid and her journey away from her Fearing family into the High Places of the Shepherd. It is an

31 Books: Moral Revolution (Book #20)

Title: Moral Revolution . . . . . Author: Kris Vallotton (You can read more about him on his website and follow him on Twitter and Facebook!) . . . . . What the book is about: Moral Revolution seeks to inspire a culture of love, honor and respect with people who walk in purity, passion and

31 Books: Anne of Green Gables (Book #19)

Title: Anne of Green Gables . . . . . Author: L.M. Montgomery . . . . . What the book is about: Anne of Green Gables is a bestselling 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Written as fiction for readers of all ages, the literary classic has been considered a children’s novel since

31 Books: Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics (Book #18)

Title: Barefoot Contessa Back To Basics . . . . . Author: Ina Garten (You can read more about her on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!) . . . . . What the book is about: In this cookbook, Ina offers almost 100 brand new recipes, all tried and tested to the highest standard

31 Books: Celebration of Discipline (Book #17)

Title: Celebration of Discipline . . . . . Author: Richard Foster . . . . . What the book is about: In Celebration of Discipline, Foster explores the “classic Disciplines,” or central spiritual practices, of the Christian faith to show how each of these areas contribute to a balanced spiritual life. . . . .

31 Books: Pride and Prejudice (Book #16)

Title: Pride and Prejudice . . . . . Author: Jane Austen . . . . . What the book is about: When Elizabeth Bennet meets Mr. Darcy she is repelled by his overbearing pride, and prejudice towards her family. But the Bennet girls are in need of financial security in the shape of husbands, so

31 Books: NIV Quest Study Bible (Book #15)

Title: NIV Quest Study Bible . . . . . Author: Um… well this is complicated, but the simplest answer is God. . . . . . What the book is about: With over one million copies sold, the NIV Quest Study Bible is designed for inquisitive readers who desire solid answers to their many questions.

31 Books: Redeeming Love (book #14)

Title: Redeeming Love . . . . . Author: Francine Rivers (You can read more about her on her website and follow her on Twitter and Facebook!) . . . . . What the book is about: California’s gold country, 1850. A time when men sold their souls for a bag of gold and women sold their