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Day 2 :: Besties

I don’t have one best friend. I have a few people to whom I give that label, whether they like it or not. I won’t list them. That would be awkward. But I am so grateful for my best friends. I’m sure you are too. Can you think of one, two, or five people in

Day 1:: A Challenge for the Internet.

I bet a lot of you are bloggers. I bet more of you are on twitter and instagram. I bet you are on the internet because hi, my name is Annie and you are reading my blog on the internet. 🙂 . . . . . A lie that a lot of bloggers believe is,

October is for speaking love.

It’s that easy. That’s what this month is about. 31 ways we can speak love to the ones we know and the ones we don’t. 31 ways we can be different than the generation before us and lead the one behind us. 31 ways we can impact and change our culture. Each day will tell

31 Ways To Speak Love

You guys? God is up to something. And He’s inviting us to join in. The Bible says our tongues (and typing fingers?) are always speaking life or death. So let’s spend this month focused on our words and watch as beautiful things grow when we choose words of life towards God, others, and ourselves. This

October is gonna get crazy.

It’s Thursday night. I’m sitting in a hotel room in Indianapolis after the first night of Influence. My roomie and real life friend Amanda is over on her bed, I’m on mine, and I’m reflecting on the goodness that is retreats/conferences. [I know. You’ve read posts upon posts this week about the dislike and distrust